Tenacious legal help you can count on after a motor vehicle crash

As an Everett car accident victim, you fully expect the person or company responsible to be held accountable. At The Jones Firm, we expect the same. Dax Jones does everything in his power as a longtime Everett auto accident lawyer to satisfy that expectation.

For more than a decade, Dax Jones has been helping injury victims and their family members survive the ordeal that follows a crash in Everett and throughout Snohomish County. He provides one-on-one attention and handles every aspect of auto accident cases himself.

Using experience to obtain the best results possible for clients

As an experienced Everett auto accident attorney, Dax Jones has faced countless powerful insurance companies over the years. He knows their goal — to pay as little on your accident claim as possible. Our goal is to have them fully compensate you for your injury. Through persistent negotiation or a carefully planned and orchestrated trial, we work to achieve that goal.

The Jones Firm represents victims of a wide variety of motor vehicle accidents:

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An Everett auto accident attorney who cares as much about your case as you do

Contact The Jones Firm online or at 425.256.2351 in Everett. Auto accident attorney and Seattle personal injury lawyer  Dax Jones meets with clients wherever it is most convenient for them in Snohomish County. The initial consultation is free and is NOT limited to 30 minutes, as it is at most law firms.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain