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Car Accident Attorney in Bellevue WA

Diligent Washington car crash lawyer gets the job done

seattle auto accident attorneyAccidents on the road devastate millions of families every year. If you happen to be one of the statistics, Seattle area Lawyer “Dax Jones” offers the thorough legal response required to put you and your family on the road to healing.

We provide one-on-one attention from an auto accident lawyer who handles every aspect of a case.

A Bellevue Car Crash Lawyer who Fights for You

bellevue car accident lawyerQuite often, through frustration or haste, victims and their families negotiate on their own with an insurance company. Victims are at a distinct disadvantage without the support system and knowledge an experienced Bellevue auto accident attorney provides. The insurance company likely will be represented by a team of lawyers whose goal is to pay as little as possible on your claim. At The Jones Firm in Bellevue, our goal is to fight for as much as possible on your claim, even if it means going to trial. We make it a fair battle, providing you a Bellevue car accident lawyer with significant experience fighting the tough fight.

In every accident case, we conduct a thorough investigation, retain reputable medical and accident experts, and vigorously negotiate and litigate to the end. We have tried many dozens of accident cases and have a demonstrated record of success and a host of satisfied clients who willingly refer their friends and families to us.

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Contact The Jones Firm online or at 425-256-2351 in Seattle. Auto accident attorney and Bellevue injury lawyer Dax Jones meets with clients wherever it is most convenient for them in King County. The initial consultation is free and is NOT limited to 30 minutes, as it is at most law firms.A Seattle auto accident attorney who cares as much about your case as you do

You have nothing to lose and much to gain