Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Most of us will experience a car accident during our driving careers. Knowing how to keep yourself and your family safe means understanding what to do before — and after — an automobile accident.

While auto accidents remain a common occurrence in the United States, fatalities linked to these accidents are finally starting to decline. Since data collection began in 1981, the only year to date that has not had auto accidents listed within the top 10 causes of death is the year 2009.

Of course, knowing that you’ve become a part of this statistic doesn’t matter much when you’ve been in a collision. We see the personal shock and injury caused from mistakes and mishaps on the roadways, and what happens when metal meets metal. At The Jones Firm we focus on the client suffering from damage due to such accidents. Our goal is to help victims receive the fair compensation they deserve after suffering an injury, whether physical or monetary, caused by the negligent actions of another driver.

Here are some tips on the appropriate steps to take before and after an accident:

  1. Know your car insurance policy: Most people have never even taken a peek at the insurance policy. Become familiar with it. Knowing claim procedure and limitations is important.
  2. Be prepared: Make some room in your car to store pen, paper, orange emergency triangles, and, most importantly, a first aid kit.
  3. Collect evidence: Most cell phones are able to take photo and video. If your phone doesn’t, keep a disposable camera with your other emergency items. Take pictures from all angles of the accident. Obtain witness contact information but do not discuss or debate fault with other parties.
  4. Follow appropriate emergency medical guidelines: After an accident, stay calm and check yourself for injuries. If you have others with you in the car, check them for injuries as well. As you exit your vehicle, be aware that other cars may be oncoming, and stay off of the roadway. Call the police, and calmly follow all the instructions given by first responders. Following the accident, make and keep all recommended medical appointments.

Every accident, and every injury, is personal — and so is our style of legal advocacy. If you need good legal help after an accident, contact The Jones Firm to discuss your injury. We can help.

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