4 Tips To Choose The Best Bicycle Accident Attorney In Washington

As a legal firm in Washington State we have worked with many injured bicyclists over the years, we at The Jones Firm recommend that you follow these 4 simple steps when you are selecting a bicycle accident attorney to work with you on your case.


1. Choose A Bicycle Accident Lawyer Who Has Promising Case Results

Has the lawyer in question worked with other victims who have been injured in bicycle accidents? You want to choose an attorney who has experience working with clients who have similar cases to your own. It doesn’t do you much good if the lawyer you’ve selected is skilled at cases that involve longshoremen — you need a bicycle accident attorney who works with injured bicyclists and has had successful case results in that field of law.

2. Choose A Lawyer Who Is Competent

You need an accident attorney who is extremely knowledgeable of Washington State cycling laws as well as any specific laws that apply to cyclists in your county.
As a victim in a bicycle accident, you should be choosing a lawyer who has expertise in bicycle accident cases and knows all of the laws applying to cyclists as well as motorists operating on a shared road with cyclists.

Choose the best Bicycle accident attorney

3. Choose A Lawyer Who Is Trustworthy

Inspect the websites of the bicycle accident attorney you are thinking of enlisting for your case and read any reviews their firm might have online. Online reviews tell a lot about a company and give you the confidence that your trust will not be misplaced in your attorney.

4. Choose An Accident Lawyer Who Has Excellent Communication Skills

Many law firms offer a free consultation to new clients. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your case with the accident lawyer in question and will give you the chance to assess whether or not they possess adequate communication skills. Making sure that you communicate well together and are able to discuss the details of your case will give you confidence in your attorney as well as confidence in your case.


How to Stay Safe While Riding Your Bicycle

Now that we have discussed tips for choosing the best bicycle accident attorney for your case, let’s discuss some of the main ways that you can stay safe while riding on busy roadways.

1. Always Wear A Helmet

Statistics show that wearing a helmet while riding your bicycle decreases your chances of sustaining serious head trauma during a collision. You are much less likely to sustain a TBI if you are wearing a helmet and you are also less likely to be killed in a collision.

2. Wear A Bright Overcoat & Use Reflectors

If you are riding after dark, it is important to use good reflectors on your bicycle and also wear reflective and bright clothing if possible. Refrain from wearing dark colors that might allow motorists to overlook you.

3. Be Aware Of The Traffic And Cycling Laws

Traffic and cycling laws can vary from county to county. You should be aware of any specific cycling and traffic laws that pertain to the region you are cycling in to avoid dangerous or reckless cycling.

4. Use Hand Signals To Inform Drivers Around You Of Your Intentions

Using hand signals notifies the drivers around you of your intentions and allows them time to slow down and prepare for your actions. Use left and right-hand signals to let motorists know when you intend to turn so that you do not catch them off guard, endangering yourself as well as others on the road.

5. Ride With Traffic

Many pedestrians know that when you are walking on the road you should walk against traffic, this is not true when it comes to cycling. As a bicyclist, you should always ride with traffic. Cyclists should consider themselves another vehicle on the road and should abide by traffic laws.

The best Bicycle accident lawyer


Understand Your Legal Rights As An Injured Cyclist

As an injured cyclist you may be able to claim personal injury compensation from the motorist who struck you. It is important to understand all the legalities that surround personally injury claims as well as those surrounding motorist vs. cyclist collisions.

If the accident was entirely the fault of the motorist (i.e. the motorist was driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and struck you while you were riding and abiding by all traffic laws) then you are entitled to receive compensation from the offending driver for your damages.


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If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident and wishes to receive compensation for their injuries then it is crucial to work with a knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney.

Here at The Jones Firm, Dax Jones has been representing bicycle accident victims in court for many years and has been able to help cyclists secure fair compensation for their physical injuries, loss of wages, and future medical expenses.

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