Insurer Not There for You? Get Help From an Insurance Claim Attorney

You pay for auto insurance so if you’re in an accident, your insurance broker will take care of you. However, your auto insurance company doesn’t always have your best interests at heart.

Insurance agents, claims adjusters, and insurance brokers work for the insurance company—not for you. When you’re seeking an accident settlement, insurance agencies use every excuse in the book to avoid paying out an insurance settlement. Once they do pay up, insurance companies may withhold a majority of the awarded funds, and make you work twice as hard for the money you’re already entitled to.

Want to even the odds against the insurance companies and their legal team? Hire an insurance claim attorney of your own. The Jones Firm primarily operates in Bellevue, Washington or the surrounding area. Dax and our insurance claim lawyers will fight for you and the compensation you deserve.

Keep reading to learn about how an insurance lawyer helps you with the claims process, what to do when dealing with claims adjusters and why you need an insurance attorney to help you win your case.

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Claims Adjusters Aren’t on Your Side

Car and motorcycle accidents can have awful repercussions to your body and mind. You’ve just been through a traumatizing ordeal. After you see a doctor and take care of yourself, you’ll look to your insurance company for help. You need to get your car fixed, pay your medical bills, and get back on your feet.

To file your claim and receive compensation, you’ll deal with a representative from your insurance company—usually a claims adjuster. It’s the insurance claim adjuster’s job to offer you a settlement and close your case as quickly as possible. And they do their job with the company’s best interests in mind.

When an insurance adjuster negotiates your settlement, they will try to:

  • Offer you less compensation than your accident merits (“low-ball”)
  • Pressure you into settling quickly and taking their first offer
  • Shift fault onto you to prevent paying your insurance claim
  • Deny and delay insurance payments

For the insurance adjuster, it’s all about increasing the insurance company’s bottom-line—not providing you with the complete settlement you deserve.


Insurance Claim Lawyers Care About You

Unlike the lawyers and agents working for the insurance company, an insurance claim lawyer only wants what’s best for their client. It’s an insurance attorney’s goal to get you a settlement that’s fair and in your favor.

When a layperson deals directly with an insurance company settlement, they may get taken advantage of. When you have an insurance lawyer with you during settlement negotiations, you’ll never get cheated into a bad deal. If your insurer refuses to pay out, or they won’t issue the full sum of your settlement, your insurance claim lawyer knows what to do.


Take Legal Action with Your Insurance Attorney

An insurance claim lawyer works for you. They want you to receive a just settlement for your insurance claim. When it’s time to make sure your insurance claim is settled, your insurance attorney will:

  • Determine Total Value of Insurance Claim: To get what you deserve from the insurance companies, you need to determine the total value of your auto insurance claim. This can include medical expenses, vehicle repairs, loss of earnings, and other damages.
  • Gather Evidence for Discovery & Trial: You’ll need to prove to your insurance company that you’re entitled to compensation resulting from your accident. An insurance attorney helps you discover, organize and present evidence for your claim.
  • Negotiate on Your Behalf: Your insurance lawyer negotiates directly with the insurance company to secure your settlement. Insurance claim attorneys handle these stressful situations for a living.
  • Appeal Denied Claims: An insurance claim lawyer doesn’t let a denied claim stop them. They know how to appeal unsatisfactory settlement verdicts and get you a better offer.
  • Sue for Insurance Bad Faith: Do you and your attorney believe your insurance company acted unfavorably to you during the claims process? Did the insurance company attempt to escape their obligation to make payment? If so, you can file an insurance bad faith lawsuit against your insurance company.

You need a legal professional that knows the ins-and-outs of the auto insurance industry and their insurance claims process. Don’t try and represent yourself. Don’t get bullied by your insurance company. Find a reliable and qualified insurance lawyer to represent you.

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