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where do most motorcycle accidents occur

How Do Many Motorcycle Crashes Happen?

Motorcycle crashes are known to have devastating consequences, with more than 80% of all accidents involving motorcycles resulting in serious injury or death. Motorcycles represent 3% of all vehicles on the road and account for 10% of all traffic fatalities. Looking at the question of how many motorcycle crashes happen can help individuals practice safety measures and look out for signs of potential danger. Motorcycle accidents can occur due to various factors such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not following traffic rules, and neglecting to wear appropriate safety equipment. Important to note is that more often negligence on the part of the car or truck driver is to blame for a motorcycle crash, which makes having a personal injury lawyer crucial for such an event.   What Are the Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?   Left Turns Left turns are one of the most common causes

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road crossing sign

Pedestrian Crossing Sign Types and Their Meaning

Between the first half of 2019 and 2022, there have been 519 more people killed while walking on the street, an increase of 18%. In the country, 1.04 pedestrian fatalities per 100,000 persons occurred in 2022, a considerable increase from 0.90 in 2019. Ages 20 to 69 have the greatest incidence of pedestrian deaths in auto accidents per 100,000 people. Most pedestrian fatalities take place in cities. Because of this, it’s crucial to watch out for pedestrian crossing signs and only cross at such locations.   Pedestrian Crossing Signs: What Does It Mean? Numerous pedestrian crossing signs have signals with the phrases “walk” and “don’t walk” or with a person walking while holding up an orange hand. Crossing the street is signaled by pedestrian signals. The pedestrian arrives at the crossing when it is safe to start crossing.   Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs Ensure Safety and Prevent Accidents At intersections, pedestrian

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motorcycle and car accident

What Is The Most Common Collision Between Cars And Motorcycles?

The most common motorcycle and car collisions are the fault of other motorists who are negligent and fail to see motorcycles in their path. The majority of motorcycle collisions happen when a car makes a left turn in front of you. Since 42% of all collisions involving a motorcycle and a car happen in this situation, it is the deadliest for motorcycle riders.   What Are The Most Common Types Of Collisions Between Cars And Motorcycles?   Distracted Driving Distractions can result from texting, eating, reading, grooming, talking to a passenger, or even talking on the phone.   Speeding Excessive speeding includes more than just going over the posted speed limit. It also includes racing and driving too fast for the weather, the road, and work zones.   Driver/Motorcyclist Negligence Technology advancements, particularly those in smartphone technology, have led to an increase in the number of distracted drivers. Other causes

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$1.2+M Wrongful Death Settlement

Overview of Case Our client was driving home one evening from work when he came to a stop at a light in Renton. At the same time, an oncoming was approaching and preparing to make a left. As my client’s light turned green, he proceeded straight, and at the same time, the oncoming car turned left and struck our client’s car in its left front corner.   Injuries Sustained Our client went to his doctor with dizziness and tiredness. He also had a bruise on his forearm and a cut on his lip. However, his headaches persisted and he then began to vomit 10 days later, at which point he returned to his doctor and was found to be minimally responsive and groggy. After follow-up care at the ER, he was assessed with subdural hematomas (brain bleeds). The doctors performed burr holes (drilled holes in his scalp to let the

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