Trucking Accident: Why You Need An Attorney


Average sized passenger cars weigh about 4,000 pounds. Loaded single or combination unit trucks weigh between 10,000 to 100,000 pounds. Add momentum and a split-second mistake — and you have a disaster. The odds are not in favor of the car.

In 2012, there were over 2,500 heavy accidents involving heavy trucks. This classification includes ballast tractors, cement mixer trucks, mobile crane trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, log carriers, refrigeration trucks, and semi-trailer trucks. All of these enormous vehicles on our highways too often result in accidents with smaller vehicles—this is when our firm’s truck related injury and fatality expertise is required to handle the mess.

Campaigns have been launched with the purpose of reducing the number of fatalities and injuries from traffic collisions. Target Zero, a broad initiative that is aimed at completely eliminating traffic deaths by 2030, is one of these. However, regardless of these well-intentioned attempts, the rate of trucking accidents has continued to rise.

Our law firm proudly provides strong, resourceful representation to clients who have been injured — or to the families of those killed — in Washington trucking accidents. If you have suffered injury or lost a family member due to a trucking accident, contact our office to ensure that you are professionally represented in court. Truck accident claims are complex, involving many variables and often multiple parties, and litigants will require the expertise of an attorney skilled in handling these difficult cases.

Important steps in resolving trucking accidents include:

  • Investigation: Meticulous investigation of physical evidence and data is important in establishing your case in court. Responsible parties might include the trucking company, truck owner, mechanic, loader or parts manufacturer. Thorough personal injury or wrongful death investigations by an attorney will reveal any third party responsibility.
  • Resources: Trucking companies are well-funded and aggressively well-defended. It is imperative that your attorney should have a considerable amount of experience handling such cases, so that their knowledge of the trucking industry and interstate transportation regulations will enable them to build and present a winning case. Individuals that attempt to take on trucking companies without adequate representation by an experienced attorney are wasting time and money.
  • Experts: Truck accident litigation often involves testimony of expert witnesses specializing in fields like accident reconstruction, road or mechanical engineering, medicine, rehabilitative therapy and life care planning. An experienced attorney will know how to best communicate with and question these witnesses to dig down to the truth of the situation, ensuring that you receive the compensation deserved.

Cars are small, trucks are big, and humans are fragile. As long as there are accidents — we are here to represent the injured. Call our office to set up an appointment so that you can get justice for injuries and fatalities suffered by your family.

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