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At The Jones Firm, we help clients with a variety of personal injury cases. Our experience and training have enabled our personal injury attorneys to prepare powerful cases to represent the needs of their clients. Our highest priority is to ensure that our clients receive maximum compensation for any injuries or damages so they can get back to their lives and careers.


Personal Injury Attorneys:

Personal injury is a simple term to describe a vast number of injuries. Whether caused by a pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, or motorcycle accident, a personal injury claim can be filed to seek compensation for injuries sustained. These injuries may include whiplash and strained muscles, or a catastrophic injury such as a traumatic brain injury.

Sammamish personal injury attorney, Dax Jones, is skilled in investigating these personal injury cases and knows how best to present the facts he discovers. He also has a vast network of medical doctors, psychiatrists, neurologists, physical therapists, and other specialized physicians that can diagnose the injury and provide medical information to substantiate your claim.

To save our clients from the stress and hassle of dealing with insurance companies after an accident, The Jones Firm can file a claim on your behalf and handle these conversations with experience and clarity. Our Sammamish personal injury attorneys can help you ensure that you obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Auto Accident Attorneys:

Auto accidents are stressful events, especially if you sustain serious injuries and your vehicle is damaged. Our Sammamish auto accident attorney, Dax Jones, has frequently dealt with auto accident cases and has demonstrated his ability to handle them skillfully and successfully.

With his well-established network of medical professionals and mechanical experts, Dax Jones has the resources to collect specific figures, details, and reports to support your auto accident or property damage case. With this kind of support behind the case, Dax Jones can ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve from your insurance company.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys:

Among the most serious and painful accidents to experience are pedestrians accidents. Pedestrians include walkers, joggers, children, skateboarders, and rollerbladers along any city or rural roadway. Pedestrian accidents usually results in very serious, and sometimes deadly, injuries.

Dax Jones has worked as a Sammamish pedestrian accident attorney for over 10 years. His attention, care, and services have helped pedestrian accident victims and their families to overcome the ordeal. His attention to detail makes Dax Jones uniquely qualified to pursue every part of a pedestrian accident case to provide the best possible representation.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys:

Sammamish bicycle accidents tend to occur when drivers are not paying attention, fail to yield to bicyclists, or fail to follow designated traffic laws. Bikers can be hit, pushed, or blocked by motorists that are driving in bike lanes, running red lights, or driving above the speed limit, as well as drivers that fail to see when a bike is turning or in a crosswalk. Because bicyclists have little protective gear, these accidents can result in very serious injuries.

To ensure that injured bicyclist and their families receive their rightful compensation, Sammamish bicycle accident attorney Dax Jones has served for ten years as an experienced attorney that can represent bicyclists and auto accidents in court.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys:

A lot of people today, including many lawyers, jury members, and investigators, think that most motorcycle accidents are a result of misconduct on the part of the motorcyclist. In reality however, studies have shown that the reverse is actually true. Most motorcycle accidents are the result of other, larger vehicles failing to give adequate space necessary to motorcyclists. Because of the small structure of the motorcycle, their riders usually take on the full force of the accident, resulting in very serious injuries.

Because of the natural bias against the motorcyclist, The Jones Firm recognizes the importances of collecting physical evidence and eyewitness testimony to strengthen the case in the injured motorcyclist’s favor. The Jones Firm’s Sammamish motorcycle accident attorney, Dax Jones, has consistently been able to obtain compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering for motorcycle accident victims and their families.

Commercial Trucking Accident Attorneys:

Even though commercial trucking accidents are infrequent, they can be devastating events. Despite being a specialized field of law, The Jones Firm has demonstrated experience and excellence in handling these cases. Dax Jones has a long track record of successful commercial trucking accident cases. Because this field of injury law resources and knowledge regarding trucking and personal injury laws, Dax Jones has historically made it his priority  to conduct a thorough investigation. This research equips him to present extensive evidence in court and represent the case with excellence.

Wrongful Death Attorneys:

An incident of wrongful death can be an intensely painful and devastating event for any family. After years of serving as a personal injury attorney, Dax Jones has developed the necessary levels of experience, skill, and compassion to be able to help struggling family members obtain rightful compensation.

Dax Jones serves as a Sammamish wrongful death attorney that can help families pursue compensation following the loss of a loved one. Economic and non-economic damages, lost future earnings, funeral and burial expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, medical expenses, and much more can be covered by your insurance company with the assistance of an experienced wrongful death attorney.

To ensure a successful claim, it is vital that a wrongful death action be filed shortly after the death. Any delay in filing the claim can reduce and even remove the chances of having a successful case. Contact The Jones Firm to learn what your options are.

Construction Accident Attorneys:

While construction accidents are very serious matters, they can be tricky to handle without the assistance of an experienced attorney. When it comes to the injury of an employee, all claims against employers are paid through workers compensation, prohibiting employees from suing their Washington employers. However, if a third-party is injured at a construction site, they may be able to recover damages. The Jones Firm can even help individuals find compensation for injuries sustained by a property owner’s failure to repair or replace damaged our hazardous parts of their property.

Dax Jones has served Sammamish as a successful construction accident attorney. His training and experience have equipped him to deal with cases where general contractors, sub-contractors and architects have created hazardous conditions in which third-party members are injured.

Highway Design Defect Attorneys:

Highway design defects are responsible for causing unique auto accidents. Roads or highways that are are poorly designed, improper drainage systems or pooled water, insufficient traffic signage or guardrails, and even potholes and uneven pavement can cause road hazards and serious accidents.

If a government agency is involved in a highway design, the case can quickly become more complex. Sammamish highway defect attorney Dax Jones can help auto accident victims to settle their case against an individual, company, or government agency with positive results.

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