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For the most part, vehicle accidents are caused by drivers. However, sometimes the fault is in a poorly designed or constructed road. Something that looks insignificant can cause major damage – both to your car and to your health.

Highway design defect attorney sammamish

Attorney Dax Jones understands how difficult it can be to prove that a design defect in a highway caused an accident in Sammamish. He knows it’s tough to prove government negligence led to a serious problem, and then to damages. Nonetheless, despite the difficulty of this kind of case, he has experienced much success in getting clients results and compensation in these situations.


Highway Design Defects in Sammamish

Frequently, the clearest signal that a highway defect was the cause of an accident is a recurring pattern of accidents happening in that location. When a government agency ignores that pattern, it can be held liable for inaction resulting in damages.

Defects in roads can include:

  • Poor or insufficient drainage, leading to pooling water
  • Potholes and other uneven pavement
  • Lack or improper placement of signage or stoplights
  • Lack of guardrails or other safety mechanisms
  • Failure to clear or warn of a hazard


Holding Responsible Parties Accountable

It is a very different situation bringing a lawsuit against a government agency versus an individual or company in Sammamish. The requirements are stricter—such as a much shorter time limit for filing and unique expectations for that filing. Highway defect attorney Dax Jones has shown that he is more than capable of litigating against government agencies for those who have dealt with injury or loss in a Sammamish highway accident.

In addition to pursuing cases against government agencies, The Jones Firm has litigated highway design defect lawsuits against:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Engineers

Dax Jones is an auto accident lawyer with experience investigating crashes from every angle. He works alongside skilled investigators, as well as accident reconstruction and highway engineering experts as needed. His resources and knowledge are ready to take a case to trial to ensure complete compensation for you as his client in Sammamish.


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