5 Ways An Accident Reconstruction Expert Can Benefit Your Case

After the worst has happened — the accident has occurred and you are now recovering — it is common for a dispute to arise about who caused the accident. People remember things differently, even eyewitnesses, and if there isn’t video evidence of what happened, then you will need to get an accident reconstruction specialist involved […]

How to Fill Out a Washington State Collision Report

You’ve probably heard a story like this before. A friend gets hit by another car but the other driver insists that the damage isn’t that bad. “Don’t worry about it,” the other driver says, “Let’s not go through the trouble of getting insurance involved. I’ll just send you a check for the damage.” Your friend […]

Understanding the Different Types of Car Accident Compensation

Car accidents are, unfortunately, fairly common events. Over 75 percent of Americans commute daily to work or school and with this high number of drivers comes, an increased risk of being involved in an accident. There are many reasons why an auto accident may have happened and in most cases, it’s easy to recognize the […]

Pedestrian Liability: Is the Accident Actually Your Fault?

You’ve heard the expression, “the pedestrian has the right of way.” This phrase leads many people to think that regardless of the events leading up to an accident, the driver is always at fault for a pedestrian accident. This is not always the case. It is not uncommon for the pedestrian to either share liability […]

What You Need to Know Before Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve suffered personal injury, you might be hesitant about contacting a local attorney about securing representation and presenting your case in court. If you have reservations, it’s likely due to the fact that personal injury is one field of law that is profoundly affected by myths and stereotypes. The Jones Firm, located in Bellevue, […]

Everything You Need to Know About How to File an Accident Report

Being in an auto accident is no laughing matter. Even a minor fender bender can ruin your day and lead to long-term hassles, and a serious accident can have serious consequences, including injuries, financial hardships, and legal problems. If you’ve been in an accident—minor or serious—you’re going to want to take steps to protect yourself […]

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