How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

ContentsInjury Attorney Shopping 101What Is the Subject Matter?What Are the First Steps?What Questions?Contact Leybe Defence An injury can turn a person’s world upside down. Between having to deal with the actual injury, medical treatment, work, and other issues, it can become overwhelming. Among the biggest hassles will be dealing with insurance companies, doctors, and responsible […]

Safety First: Five Most Common Causes of Auto Pedestrian Accidents

ContentsFive Most Common Causes of Pedestrian AccidentsHow to Prevent Road Accidents as a PedestrianSafety First Every day, thousands of pedestrians are involved in accidents with an automobile. There are areas that tend to be higher risk than others, such as large cities, and other factors that can impact a pedestrian’s safety, like walking at night. […]

Car Accident Total Loss: How to Manage Your Insurance Claim

ContentsWhat Does “Total Loss” Mean?What Happens Next?What If I Don’t Agree With My Insurance Company?Get Your Own PricingHow A Lawyer Can Help? You have just been in a car accident. Thank goodness you and your passengers were not hurt, but your vehicle is a total loss. Where do you go from here? What do you […]

Motorcycle Accident Settlements: How Much is Your Claim Worth?

ContentsMedical CostsLost EarningsLiabilityConsult an Attorney Motorcycle accidents amount to thousands of dollars of property damage. If you’re not at fault for the accident, you can file a claim with your insurance company, but what is a fair motorcycle accident settlement value? Keep in mind that most insurance companies want to pay your claim at as […]

Hit and Run Bicycle Accidents: What Can Cyclists Do?

ContentsWhy Do Motorists Flee The Scene?What To Do At The Accident Scene?What To Do Soon After The Accident?Locating the DriverThe Importance of a Lawyer Although hit-and-run bicycle accidents are less frequent than hit-and-run auto accidents, they are still more common than most people realize, particularly in big commuter cities where cycling is a common form […]

Trucking Accidents Explained: What to Do After a Bad Collision

ContentsHere is what you need to do:Assess Your SafetyGather EvidenceDon’t Say Too MuchTalk to the PoliceFind an AttorneyGather Documentation Out of all the types of accidents that can occur on a road or highway, probably none is more frightening than the prospect of a commercial truck colliding with a passenger vehicle. The truck is so […]

What Should You Do If You Witnessed a Car Accident?

ContentsDon’t PanicStay and Assess the SituationCall 911Talk to the PoliceWrite it DownGet Legal Help Car accidents are jarring spectacles. Witnessing an accident, or coming on the scene shortly after one occurs, can be a nerve-wracking experience that might leave you worried and wondering what to do. Should you provide assistance? Do you have any legal […]

Finding the Best Attorney: Wrongful Death Claims Explained

ContentsWhat constitutes a wrongful death?Who can file a wrongful death claim?How can a wrongful death claim help?How do I find the right attorney to help? You’ve just suffered an unimaginable loss of a much-loved family member. The person’s unexpected death has been made so much more tragic and harder to bear because it was a […]

Benefits of Working with a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Sometimes a bump on the head is way more than just a bump. Many times, seemingly minor head bumps are actually traumatic brain injury (TBI), head trauma caused when external forces impact the brain. TBI can happen during a fall or even in what appears to be a minor fender-bender car accident. TBI injuries vary […]

Three Tips for Hiring a Reliable Product Liability Attorney

ContentsWhat is a Product Liability Attorney?When Should I Get a Product Liability Lawyer?Three Tips for Hiring a Reliable Product Liability AttorneyThe Jones Firm — Product Liability Attorney Seattle Have you been injured due to a faulty product? If you’ve fallen victim to an unforeseen accident, and an item you purchased causes this accident, you may […]

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