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Andy Lappier

Our client was involved in a 3-car rear-end car crash on Interstate 5 that totaled his vehicle.  Our client and the car directly behind our client stopped.  The at-fault vehicle rear-ended the car behind our client, and the force of that impact pushed that car into our client’s car.  There were multiple claimants pursuing the same limited insurance policy of the at-fault driver, with some requiring substantial amounts of care.  The Jones Firm was retained and quickly obtained the police report, contacted the relevant insurance companies, and established the credibility of our client’s claim.  He was placed in a rental car swiftly.  The Jones Firm then navigated the complexities of the insurance issues and seamlessly helped our client receive his total loss value for his vehicle with no attorney fee charged for his property damage claim.  During the course of care, our client’s own insurance company elected not to pay a number of his medical bills, at which point The Jones Firm worked with his medical providers and resolved that issue.  After his care was complete and I was time to resolve his injury claim, our firm efficiently recovered the bodily injury limits of the at-fault insurance policy and found an additional insurance policy for our client’s benefit, both of which paid all of his medical bills and he received a significant sum of money for his pain and suffering.


Jenny Vinup

Our client was on I-90 near T-Mobile Park when a vehicle merged in behind her as she slowed.  She was rear-ended.  The police did not come to the scene.  She exchanged information with the at-fault driver and left the scene.  She did not know how to get her car repaired, how to get her medical bills paid nor how to handle the insurance claim process.  She was speaking of her situation to a friend, and that friend recommended she call Dax Jones of The Jones Firm.  The Jones Firm was retained.  We stepped in and contacted the various insurers, directed them to resolve her property damage claim and get her in a rental, and worked with her medical providers during the course of her care to ensure proper treatment.  After care ended and she fully healed from her injuries, The Jones Firm promptly gathered her medical records, drafted a medical chronology that summarized her treatment and efficiently resolved her injury claim with the at-fault insurer for the full extent of its insurance policy.  The Jones Firm found an additional insurance policy for the benefit of our client and promptly settled our client’s total claim, which paid for all of her medical bills and she was very well compensated for her pain and suffering.

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Welcome to our testimonials page, where we share real stories from clients who benefited from our client-focused approach to their injury claims.  Our team persistently fights to protect the rights of each injured individual and help them secure the compensation they deserve, and has done so over the last 20+ years.

At The Jones Firm, we understand the challenges faced by those who suffered personal injuries. Our compassionate and dedicated team is committed to providing personalized legal solutions tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. Hear from prior clients about what The Jones Firm experience is all about by perusing the below testimonials.

These testimonials reflect a wide range of cases, from car accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and more.  Dax Jones has focused the last 20 years of his legal practice on fighting for the rights of the injured through settlements, arbitrations, mediations, and trials.  His deep knowledge and experience in personal injury law enable him to navigate the complexities of each case effectively, with the stated goal of crafting legal solutions that go beyond the expectations of each client.

If you or a loved one suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own, call The Jones Firm for a free consultation. We will discuss your case, answer all questions, and help you navigate the claim process while you focus on your recovery. Put us to work and give us the opportunity to experience the difference of having a top-rated personal injury attorney by your side.

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