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Truck Accident Attorney in Bellevue, WA

A trucking accident is a devastating thing. Due to the massive size and heavyweight of semi-trailers and trailer combinations, they overpower other vehicles on the road easily. These accidents often result in serious or fatal injuries to approximately 130,000 people each year. The Jones Firm provides Bellevue attorney services, we can help you win your case and get the compensation you deserve.

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After a Trucking Accident

Determining fault in a trucking accident is far more complicated than doing so with car accidents. The trucking industry is well protected by experienced attorneys, so it is important for those involved in a trucking accident to have legal representation that thoroughly understands the trucking industry and all of the factors involved.

  • Insurance: Insurance carriers for trucking companies handle high-expense claims, and losing a case means a huge amount of money is lost. Because of this, they defend trucking accident cases very aggressively.
  • Accident investigations: Following a vehicle accident, an investigation will occur to determine who was at fault. Trucking companies have accident response teams that move to investigate accidents quickly after they occur, any time of the day or night. These response teams typically will consist of an investigator, a risk management team, and a company safety evaluator.

Quickly contacting an attorney following an accident will ensure that your attorney will also be able to respond swiftly and investigate the accident alongside the trucking company staff, helping you stay competitive with them. When you contact us, you can be sure that your attorney, Dax Jones, will investigate the accident and ensure that the trucking company and any other investigators preserve vital evidence. Additionally, attorneys can work with a truck accident reconstructionist to determine how the crash occurred.

Trucking accidents can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Failure of the driver to check blind spots
  • Failure of the driver to properly load the truck
  • Separation of the tread on tires
  • The driver is overtired and suffering from a lack of focus
  • Failure to observe the rules of the road
  • Poor maintenance of the vehicle
  • Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving while operating a cellular device
  • Problems with tires or tire blowouts
  • Speeding
  • Debris on the road
  • Defective brakes or other equipment
  • Aggressive or reckless driving
  • Brake failure or other equipment failures
  • Inadequate driver training

A Bellevue Truck Accident Attorney Can Handle Your Personal Injury Case

For anyone that has been injured in a trucking accident in the Bellevue area, a trucking accident personal injury attorney is available to help you handle your case. Rather than having to interface with insurance companies, make all of the phone calls, and deal with the claims proceedings, and work through the case by yourself, a trucking accident attorney can handle all of those tedious details on your behalf. Then, you can be free to focus on your recovery and other life responsibilities.

Dax Jones, our lead attorney has over a decade of experience working with trucking accident claims. He has specialized knowledge and resources to protect his clients. His experience and success in this technical area of personal injury law has earned him a reputation for excellence in the Bellevue area.

Our Bellevue Trucking Accident Attorney Can Provide Assistance By:

  • Meeting for a free, no-obligation consultation
  • Handle calls and conversations with insurance adjusters and other representatives
  • Manage all legal proceedings
  • Provide updates regarding your case status on a regular basis
  • Explain how to deal with Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) if they are requested by your insurance company
  • Handle any legal difficulties or conflicts that arise
  • Provides thorough investigations of the scene and evidence
  • Examines specific trucking company policies of the opposing party
  • Analyzes inspection records and other documentation
  • Interviews any eyewitnesses of the accident

Having the expertise of a qualified, skilled, and experienced trucking accident attorney on your side is a huge asset when dealing with a trucking accident case. In fact, it is vital to the success of your claim to have a knowledgeable individual on your side as representation.

Ready to work with a trucking accident attorney?

The Jones Firm is committed to quality representation and they will work aggressively to make sure that you receive the compensation that you’re due and that your medical bills are paid. Ultimately, his goal is that his clients recover as quickly as possible while preserving their ability to proceed with life as usual. He is focused on protecting your rights and does not hesitate to take truck accidents to trial in the rare case that the insurance company doesn’t agree to the claim settlement.

Your initial consultation with Dax Jones is free and not limited to a set period of time, as it is with most law firms. Instead, Dax is most interested in hearing the details of your case and providing legal input regarding your options. You’re free to ask all of your questions in order to understand how your particular case would proceed, and Dax Jones is willing to spend the time. His history of satisfied clients attests to his ability to work well with his clients and keep them apprised of their situation at all times. If you chose Dax Jones, your case is in safe hands.

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