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Driving under the influence (DUI) is the crime of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of another drug to the point where it is dangerous to do so. DUI is frequently defined concerning alcohol by the state’s “legal limit,” which is typically a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08%.

The sentencing guidelines and punishments for drunk driving convictions vary from state to state. Many states give some wiggle room for a first offense and let it be punished as a misdemeanor, but most take drunk driving seriously and impose severe penalties for repeated offenses when aggravating circumstances are present.


The Consequences Could be as Below:

Jail or prison time; fees and expenses; license disqualification; therapy and training; punishment for minor DUI offenses; insurance consequences; increased punishment.


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Types of DUI Charges

1. Misdemeanor DUI

A misdemeanor DUI usually occurs when a driver exceeds the legal blood alcohol limit but has not severely harmed anyone or destroyed significant property. Repeat offenders are still subject to criminal charges and are subject to more severe fines and sentences than first-time offenders.

2. Felony DUI

Irrespective of the interval between offenses, offenders who have been charged with a fourth offense or who have been arrested three times in 10 years for driving while intoxicated.

A felony prosecution may also be brought against drunk drivers who gravely hurt another person or cause significant property damage.

3. DUI Manslaughter

Any inebriated motorist who causes a fatality will be charged with a second-degree felony and face up to 15 years in prison. Those found guilty of DUI manslaughter might face harsher penalties if another crime, such as fleeing the scene or resisting arrest, was also committed. Some judges sentence convicts accused of DUI manslaughter to decades in prison.

Even though your situation might fit into one of these categories, no two cases are exactly the same. You might be able to contest the charges or ask for a less severe punishment depending on the events that gave rise to them.


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DUI & Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Detainment for a DUI is serious. But aside from requests for breath, blood, or urine testing, you have the right to decline requests for field sobriety tests and to remain silent. The most crucial thing to remember is that you should request that a DUI attorney be contacted immediately.


Why Hire A DUI Attorney?

The benefits of a plea bargain include financial savings, pursuing the best course of action, getting your license back, peace of mind, assistance with the complexities of DUI law, the ability to allay any concerns you may have about your arrest, courtroom experience, and the potential for a reduced sentence.


When to Contact DUI Lawyers

Call a DUI lawyer as soon as possible if you have been detained for a DUI. A DUI lawyer can advise you on what to do once you’ve taken a breathalyzer test. If your case is going to court, he or she can also inform you about the legal procedure and assist you in developing a defense.

You are not necessarily guilty just because you were arrested on suspicion of DUI. You might still have an opportunity to demonstrate your innocence. So, you should take advantage of that chance to haggle for a lesser sentence or plea. This alternative may also be provided for you, depending on the specifics of your situation. For all the aforementioned reasons, you should not doubt that working with a DUI attorney can be very helpful in securing a successful resolution for your case.


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What To Do At The Scene of A DUI Accident

Report The Accident

Police intervention is essential. Based on what they observe at the site, the police officers compile the accident report. They possess the knowledge to investigate the crash’s cause and determine who was responsible. If your case goes to trial, and you need to obtain compensation, the report is admissible in court.

The police also establish whether alcohol or drugs are to blame for the at-fault driver’s intoxication. They can acquire reliable information for the report by performing a sobriety test on the spot. In essence, they serve as the foundation for the many DUI accusations the driver can encounter.

Seek Medical Attention

To treat any potential injuries, it’s best to get medical help right away. After an accident, you could feel alright, but certain injuries take time to manifest. To be sure you don’t have head trauma, it’s important to have your medical condition assessed by a doctor the same day, as they’re crucial to your DUI accident injury case.

Remain At The Scene

Because you were the accident’s victim, you know vital details that you could lose if you left. The police will be able to hear your side of the story for the report if you stay at the accident scene. Leaving the accident site may be seen as an admission of culpability, which could hurt your case.

Record Everything

Did you realize your smartphone is one of the crucial instruments for your DUI accident case? For you to convince a jury of the circumstances of your auto accident, it is essential to document everything at the site.

Photos of the accident scene are crucial for proving case specifics. These include the time of the collision, the weather at the time of the collision, the design of the road or intersection, traffic signs, or other control devices that were in place at the time of the collision. Furthermore, note the obstructions that impeded visibility, skid marks on the road, and the severity of the impact or damage to the cars. This needs to be done before any vehicle is moved.

Obtain Key Information From All Witnesses

Unavoidably, by-passers or other drivers will notice your DUI accident and become witnesses. Since each witness can be helpful in the case, you should note their details such as name, number, address, etc.

Witnesses can give testimony in support of your accusations against the defendant. They will be essential for clarifying key facts at trial because they have a clearer perspective on the events. The sooner you contact them, the higher your chances are of keeping them as witnesses.


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