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Being involved in a car accident can be devastating. It can change your life in the blink of an eye, so having the right support is very important.

Besides the emotional trauma, you also have to tend to your physical injuries and property damage as well. And, you also need to take care of your auto accident and personal injury claims.

The goods news is that having a reliable Bellevue car accident lawyer can make your life easier. Dax Jones is a seasoned Bellevue auto accident attorney that can help you through the file claiming process.

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At The Jones Firm, our main goal is to help you get the compensation you deserve and cover all losses due to the accident. Then, you can focus on the most important things, making a fast recovery and putting your life back together.

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How Can a Bellevue Auto Accident Attorney Help You?

Millions of folks in the US are involved in a car accident each year. Although some are minor collisions, these can have a devastating effect on victims and their family members. Especially in Bellevue where walking and cycling are popular means of transportation.

Unfortunately, this also means that auto accidents can also happen. And, many of these individuals end up accepting a settlement that doesn’t begin to cover their expenses. Our team of seasoned attorneys specializes in seeking the compensation you deserve.

This includes all current and future medical expenses as well as any other losses that come as a result of the accident.

That said, thousands of individuals settle each year, simply because they are not aware of the options they have available.


Professional Legal Guidance

The most obvious benefit of working with a Bellevue car accident attorney is their legal expertise. There are many specific steps that you need to take in order to get compensation for your property damage and injuries. Working with an experienced attorney will help you find the responsible party and have them cover all expenses that come as a result of the collision.

Insurance companies may seem friendly, but they are not always on your side. Hiring an auto accident attorney in Bellevue can help simplify the interactions with your insurance provider. Car collision attorneys have the information and skills to ensure that your insurance company covers all possible expenses.

Many accident victims fail to receive fair compensation because they don’t know how to pursue their claim. This, combined with the fact that most people have a busy schedule, may push you to accept a settlement that doesn’t cover the full scope of the injury.


Assistance with All Requirements and Proceedings

As mentioned before, most people in Bellevue have a tight schedule. Being involved in an accident is not ideal, especially if you don’t have the time to handle your claim. You have to communicate with the insurance provider and find the time to file the correct paperwork.

By working with The Jones Firm, you’ll get the compensation you deserve without having to invest a huge amount of time. We’ll handle all the hassle, while you focus on getting your life back on track.

Dax Jones will work tirelessly to make sure you get the compensation you need to make a fast recovery. Our job is to handle your case, and your job is to simply recover to the best of your ability.

We have a history of satisfied customers and testimonies that showcase Dax’s dedication to our clients.


A Flexible Payment Policy

One of the myths surrounding auto accident attorneys in Bellevue is high fees and upfront costs. Unlike other law practitioners, The Jones Firm works with clients on a contingency basis. In other words, our attorney fees are paid through a percentage of the settlement. This means that you’ll be able to work with our experienced attorneys without going out of pocket. But, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of working with a seasoned legal advisor.


Hiring a Reliable Auto Accident Attorney in Bellevue

By working with a quality Bellevue auto accident attorney, you can focus on tending to your injuries. Our team of seasoned legal advisors led by Dax Jones will take care of the rest. We can help you by:

  • Arranging a free consultation
  • Interfacing with all insurance providers, attorneys, and other medical as well as legal representatives
  • Managing and preparing for all legal proceedings and appointments
  • Providing regular updates in every step of the process
  • Coach you on Independent Medical Exams if your insurance company requests one
  • Resolving and handling every and all legal processes that may arise
  • Launch a full-blown investigation to back up your auto accident claim
  • Analyze all documentation and settlement offers
  • Interview eyewitnesses and collect key pieces of evidence

During every single one of our cases, we conduct thorough investigations and retain reputable expert witnesses. Our attorneys vigorously negotiate and litigate to ensure the best outcome. This is one of the reasons we have a collection of satisfied customers who constantly refer us to their loved ones.


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