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I-90 runs right through the southern part of North Bend. Unfortunately, like all highways, it has its fair share of car accidents.

Have you or a loved one been in a car accident in North Bend?

If so, then you have a lot running through your head right now. You have to figure out what to do about your physical injuries, the damage to your vehicle, and also how to deal with the added burden of emotional stress. On top of all this, you must handle insurance claims. Dealing with an insurance company – either yours or someone else’s – can end up a long and frustrating process that only adds to your stress.


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North Bend Attorney Services

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this process alone. We are skilled North Bend attorneys, and we can help.

Though our office is located in Bellevue, we also serve in North Bend. Auto accident attorney Dax Jones steps up to work through the claims process for you, including talking to insurance companies, adjusters, medical experts, and other attorneys on the way to getting the compensation you deserve for any vehicle damage, property damage, or injuries sustained from the accident. Whatever the cause or nature of your car accident, the Jones Firm is here to help.


Working With a Car Accident Attorney in North Bend

You receive many benefits by having an attorney like Dax Jones on your side. Each year thousands of people settle their claims without receiving the compensation they deserve, simply because they do not know how to request additional assistance. Following are a few reasons why working with an auto accident attorney is a smart move:

  1. Legal Expertise to Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Working with an attorney who specializes in auto accidents and personal injuries provides victims with the legal assistance and guidance they need to stand up to insurance companies who are just watching out for their own bottom line. Don’t face insurance companies alone; have someone on your side who fights for you.

  1. Ability to Handle All Claims Proceedings

Working with the Jones Firm doesn’t just mean having legal assistance to protect you from insurance companies, it also means having someone who handles all the claim proceedings. Knowing an experienced trial attorney is handling the bulk of their claim proceedings, victims of auto accidents and their loved ones can have the peace of mind they need.

  1. No Out-of-Pocket Costs Due to Dax’s Contingency Payment Policy

Don’t worry about having to pay large fees. With the Jones Firm, you don’t have to pay upfront costs; Dax Jones’s contingency payment plan covers you. This means that the client pays via a small percentage of their settlement returns and never has to pay anything out of pocket.


How a Car Accident Attorney Can Assists You

  • Meets with you for a free consultation with no strings attached.
  • Deals with all communications from insurance companies, attorneys, and medical personnel who are involved in the case.
  • Manages all legal proceedings on your behalf and prepares for court dates.
  • Provides regular updates on the status of your claims and proceedings.
  • Explains how to handle an independent medical exam (IMEs) if your insurance company requests them.
  • Resolves any conflicts or legal entanglements that may stem from your case.
  • Performs exhaustive investigations of the scene while providing solid evidence to back your auto accident claim.
  • Analyzes relevant records and documentation regarding vehicles and parties.
  • Interviews eyewitnesses to your accident to corroborate evidence.

For every auto accident case we see, our firm conducts a thorough investigation to get the facts. We also retain medical, and accident experts who present evidence and testify on your behalf should the case go to trial. We vigorously negotiate and litigate until we win. Over the past 10 years, we’ve taken dozens of accident cases to trial and demonstrated a record of success with many satisfied clients – clients who willingly refer their friends and families to our firm.

If you need someone to fight for your rights, then go to Dax Jones for your auto accident or personal injury claim settlement. Contact The Jones Firm today!





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