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Car Accident Attorney in Renton, WA

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of another person, get help from an experienced car accident attorney in Renton, WA. The Renton attorneys of The Jones Firm serve victims of auto accident personal injuries to help them obtain the medical compensation they need.


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Car Accident Personal Injury in Renton, WA

Car accidents are stressful, emotional, and painful. Most who are involved in an auto accident in Renton are dealing with multiple injuries to themselves and/or to their loved ones. Additionally, there are often damages to the vehicle, lost or damaged property, and the emotional trauma of the accident.

Compared to all of this, handling your auto accident and personal injury claim all too often takes a back seat.

However, taking prompt measures following an auto accident injury is vital to ensuring that you are able to receive the medical treatment and compensation that you need and deserve. Auto accident attorneys, such as those at The Jones Firm, are able to help you work through the process of filing your claim, and when necessary, the process of going to court.

Don’t leave your injuries and property damage uncovered and uncompensated — choose to work with an experienced, skilled personal injury attorney.


How Working With a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

Auto accidents in Renton are not uncommon. Many of these accidents result in injuries to one or both parties involved. The party that is not at fault in the accident and has sustained injuries may be able to file a personal injury claim in order to obtain full medical compensation for their damages.

However, because of the pressure to settle from insurance companies eager to give the minimum payment, paired with a lack of knowledge when it comes to personal injury law, many of these injured parties go without their full and fair compensation for their damages.

The legal expertise required to hold insurance companies accountable for paying personal injury claims is invaluable for those injured in Renton.

Damages can include medical costs for past or ongoing treatment, hospital bills, therapy charges, and much more. If you choose to work with an auto accident attorney, they will handle and file all bills and paperwork on your behalf.

This work is related to your accident and injuries and works with medical experts to calculate future medical costs.

It is important to remember that insurance companies are not on your side — most situations in which the insurance company has helped the injured party settle has proven to not be at all in the victim’s best interests. An auto accident attorney has the legal experience needed to hold the insurance companies accountable, and in so doing, ensure that you receive full compensation as you deserve.


Auto Accident Claim Proceedings

At The Jones Firm, we believe that it’s our job to handle your case, and it’s your job to focus on recovering as quickly as possible. Dax Jones’ history of satisfied clients is a testimony to his diligent focus on his client’s well-being and his attention to his or her recovery process.

The attorneys at The Jones Firm are careful to keep their customers apprised of all claim developments. They will compile your claim, submit your claim, and monitor its progress. If necessary, they will also take your case to trial on your behalf. All aspects of your personal injury auto accident claim will be handled by your Jones’ Firm auto accident attorney.

Some of the steps that you can expect our personal injury attorneys to take include the following:

  • Meeting with you for a free, no-obligation consultation
  • Handling all calls and conversations with insurance adjusters, and legal or medical representatives
  • Managing and preparing for all legal proceedings
  • Providing regular updates on your claim status
  • Explaining how to handle Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) if they are requested by your insurance company
  • Performing thorough investigations of the scene and unearthing the evidence to substantiate your auto accident injury claim
  • Analyzing inspection records and other documentation
  • Interviewing any eyewitnesses of the accident


Contingency Payment Policy Ensures No Upfront Costs

When considering working with an attorney, many people are concerned about how they will be able to pay the legal fees. The Jones Firm works with clients on a contingency basis in order to relieve these concerns.

This means that the attorney working on your case will be paid a percentage of your settlement returns. If the case is lost and there is no settlement, no money will be required out of the client’s pocket.


Choose a Winning Auto Accident Attorney in Renton

At The Jones Firm, we have a long record of won cases and satisfied customers. Much of our client base is comprised of referrals from previous clients who recommend us to friends or family that have also been involved in a car accident in Renton or the surrounding areas.

We have the experience, the care, and the high-quality legal abilities to ensure that you are able to obtain a positive outcome and full compensation for your auto accident injury claim. Contact The Jones Firm online or by phone today. Dax Jones is ready to meet with you to discuss your case and see you started on the road to recovery.





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