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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Redmond, WA

You are driving along Highway 520 in Redmond and see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. It has happened to a lot of us, and taking the ticket may seem like the easy thing to do. Hiring a Redmond attorney and going to court sounds like a hassle, right?

Traffic Violation Attorneys in Redmond

In reality, the long-term consequences of a guilty plea are the real hassle. You can increase your insurance rates, get a citation on your license, and even lose your driving privileges.

It is important to know that if you’ve received a traffic ticket, you can challenge it in a court of law – it’s your right! Dax Jones, a traffic lawyer representing Redmond residents, can help you keep your driving record clean. The Jones Law Firm represents clients in the counties of King, Pierce, and Snohomish. Dax Jones has more than 10 years of experience with minor and major traffic cases working to provide clients with their desired results.

The Jones Law Firm will negotiate for you to seek a dismissal or reduction of your traffic violation charges. Dax Jones has also had cases that resulted in not-guilty findings. Dax Jones offers legal assistance for a variety of traffic cases, including minor violations such as speeding, tailgating, failure to yield, failure to wear a seatbelt or distracted driving.

Should I Plead Guilty Or No Contest To A Traffic Citation?

When you plead guilty or no contest to a traffic citation, you get an immediate fine and a citation on your driving record. If you receive too many citations, your license will be suspended or revoked. You can also get an increase in car insurance premiums from your insurance company.

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What Happens If I Contest A Traffic Ticket I Received in Redmond?

When you make the decision to plead “not guilty” or to contest a traffic ticket, it means you want to fight the charge or violation. In this scenario, you are requesting a trial by a judge or jury. You can represent yourself “pro see,” or you can hire an experienced Redmond area traffic attorney like The Jones Law Firm. If you are found not guilty, you have no penalties or court fines.

Redmond Traffic Ticket Fines

The exact amount of fines for a traffic ticket varies by location. Dax Jones can review your traffic citation or contact the local court to learn more and ask questions about your fines and costs. You may also get an assessment fee on top of the initial traffic ticket fine.

Rate Increases in Car Insurance

In instances when you have a guilty plea or finding, your traffic citations result in additional points to your driver’s license driving history. When driving record points are noted by your auto insurance company, you will notice an increase in your premiums, which can take years to reduce.

Severe Traffic Violations

Severe traffic offenses may result in an immediate suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Anytime you are charged with a serious traffic violation, you should not proceed alone. Speak to a skilled Redmond area traffic lawyer from The Jones Law Firm as soon as possible, especially if you receive a ticket for a DUI, marijuana DUI, or if you cause an accident or left the scene of an accident you caused.

Your Redmond Attorneys

The Jones Law Firm, located in Bellevue but serving residents of Redmond, can assist you with resolving your traffic matter. Please contact us today to get a free consultation on your traffic case. Dax Jones is a Seattle and Redmond traffic violation attorney who is ready to help you reach your desired resolution.

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