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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in North Bend, WA

If you are a pedestrian in North Bend, you share the roads with buses, trucks, taxis, cars, and bicycles, and oftentimes, distracted drivers operate these vehicles. The rules of the road are important, but not everyone observes them or gives the proper right-of-way to pedestrians at traffic lights and stop signs.

As a result, auto-pedestrian accidents occur. Frequently, these accidents cause serious injuries, and in some cases death.


The Jones Firm is an experienced car-pedestrian accident attorney with years of experience representing individuals in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, including cities such as North Bend.

Dax Jones provides clients with an individualized, one-on-one consultation to assist them with every part of their auto-pedestrian accident case. Hiring a North Bend attorney can help relieve your stress about your case, so you can recover after the accident.


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What Defines a Pedestrian in the North Bend Area?

The law deems walkers and bicyclists as “pedestrians.” It is possible for both walkers and cyclists to experience a personal injury because of an auto-pedestrian accident.

What Are My Options If I’m An Injured Pedestrian?

Unfortunately, many people believe that pedestrians – such as walkers, joggers or skateboarders – can only get insurance coverage for injuries they suffer in a pedestrian accident in North Bend through their own health insurance policy. This is not true! There are many options available, and some of these choices are relevant to pedestrians injured in an auto-related accident in North Bend.

Scenario 1: The driver holds a PIP coverage car insurance policy.

PIP coverage is personal injury protection cover within an insurance policy. When a driver has a PIP plan, you can call that policy into effect for medical treatment to cover the injuries you sustained as a result of that driver’s fault in an accident.

Scenario 2: You have coverage on your car insurance policy but the driver does not.

In car-pedestrian accident cases when the driver at fault does not have PIP coverage, it is possible to use your own coverage. Some car insurance policies include an option for uninsured motorists or PIP coverage. You can then use your own car insurance policy to receive medical treatment for your injuries that result from an auto-pedestrian accident.


Scenario 3: There are no personal injury coverages available on either car insurance, but you have a health insurance policy.

In cases where neither you nor the driver have an elective PIP or uninsured motorist addendum to your car insurance policy, you can use your own health insurance policy to cover the costs of your personal injury.

Scenario 4: Neither you nor the driver has PIP or uninsured motorist coverage, and you do not have health insurance.

In instances when neither the driver nor the pedestrian has PIP coverage, and you do not have health insurance, the pedestrian needs to pay for personal injury treatment themselves. In this case, there is no one to submit a personal injury claim with regards to insurance.

Too frequently, pedestrians who experience personal injury in these cases do not get compensation for their injuries and the cost of their treatment. This is because pedestrian accident victims often have misconceptions or fears about filing a case, and therefore choose not to file. The Jones Firm is here to come alongside you and help you pursue your case without fear.


Will I Have to Navigate Documents and Phone Calls Related to the Judicial System?

When you work with Dax Jones, know that he and the team at The Jones Firm help you to navigate the legal process, including phone calls, documents, and any other required legal tasks. Our previous clients say that claims were easy to file when they were working with our team.


Will I Receive Insurance or Rate Increases?

Sometimes, people involved in car-pedestrian accidents are afraid to file a claim because they think an insurance company will raise their rates or cancel their policy. If you are not at fault, your rates will not go up. Insurance agencies know that accidents happen and do not penalize claimants who are not at fault.


We Seek the Best Results for Our North Bend Clients

With more than 10 years of experience as a pedestrian accident attorney in North Bend, Dax Jones has helped personal injury victims and their families through the traumatic ordeal that they face following an accident.

Pedestrians, including children, joggers, walkers, rollerbladers, and skateboarders, are often unfairly blamed following an auto accident. The Jones Law firm is here to help you defend your rights.

Let Dax Jones review your case in detail and take advantage of his network of expert witnesses to make sure the facts of your case are presented accurately before the court. Ultimately, Dax Jones ensures that the distracted driver is held accountable for your injuries.

If you or a family member has need of any of our legal services, contact The Jones Firm to get a free consultation. We meet with clients wherever it is most convenient for them throughout the North Bend area.





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