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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Kirkland, WA

At the Jones Firm, we realize that pedestrian safety must be taken seriously. More and more Kirkland residents have turned to walk as their primary mode of transportation. This is for many reasons, including fitness and environmental awareness.


While walking is an amazing way to cut down on fossil fuel and keep fit, there are concerns that pedestrians face that other commuters don’t have.


Pedestrians often walk near busy roadways and crowded city streets. Pedestrians face safety challenges daily as they have to trust the drivers around them to be attentive to their surroundings.

Sadly, due to reckless or distracted driving, up to 14% of annual fatal vehicle collisions in Washington State include a pedestrian.

As an injured pedestrian, you need to protect yourself and your finances from the driver who hit you. Injured pedestrians who neglect to take legal action against the driver who hit them never receive compensation for their injuries.

Still worse is the fact that the reckless driver gets to walk away from the collision, hardly the worse.

Whether you are a recent victim of an accident or commute on foot and want to understand pedestrian accident laws in Kirkland, this article will help you understand what to do if you’re involved in an accident.

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Who Counts As A Pedestrian?

First off, who is legally considered a pedestrian in Kirkland?

By law, walkers, skaters, and bicyclists are all pedestrians. They are eligible for the same injury claims or insurance coverage as an injured pedestrian.

If you are in an accident while skating or cycling in Kirkland, you have the same rights as a walking pedestrian.


What To Do As An Injured Pedestrian In Kirkland

Depending on the insurance of the driver who caused the accident, there are a number of different courses of action that may be taken.

Many injured pedestrians think that they have just one option if they’ve been in an accident; this, however, is not true.

There are at least four different scenarios that could play out following a pedestrian accident in Kirkland.

  1. The first scenario involves personal injury protection. If the driver who caused the accident has PIP coverage, you will be able to use their policy to cover the costs of your medical treatment. This is ideal for pedestrian accident victims as PIP will cover all medical costs that resulted from the accident.
  2. The second scenario is where the guilty driver does not have personal injury protection. In such a case, you would fall back on your uninsured motorist coverage (if you don’t have PIP).
  3. The third scenario is where there is a lack of insurance on your part as well as that of the driver who caused the accident. In this case, your best option is to turn to your health insurance to cover the medical treatments necessary for recovery.
  4. In the last scenario that we are covering in this article, neither you nor the driver has PIP insurance, and you also don’t have health insurance. In such a situation, you will have to cover your own medical treatments out of pocket.


Don’t Fall Victim To Misconceptions

People are often misinformed about the legalities surrounding pedestrian accidents in Kirkland. These misconceptions lead injured pedestrians to suffer the financial burdens of medical treatments.

The easiest way to put misconceptions to rest is by hiring a pedestrian injury lawyer following the accident. A pedestrian accident lawyer will help set straight all the conflicting information straight.

A lawyer also increases your chances of having your medical treatments compensated by the driver who hit you.

Injured pedestrians often worry that others will perceive them as weak following their accident. They hesitate when asking for help or time off work due to their injuries.

They even hesitate to take up the legal battle because they fear that the court will suspect that they are faking their injuries for monetary gain.

Victims of pedestrian injuries often choose to bear the consequences of the accident rather than seek legal help. This couldn’t be more damaging financially, physically, and mentally for an individual.

This is why we always recommend that you seek legal counsel immediately following an accident of any kind.


Work With A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In Kirkland Today

Working with a pedestrian accident lawyer is the option that will produce the best results for you. An accident lawyer will navigate the phone calls, claim agencies, and filing that needs to be done following your accident.

Working with an accident lawyer will take the stress off your shoulders while ensuring the situation is handled.

If you have questions about actionable steps that you should take as an injured pedestrian in Kirkland, contact Dax Jones of The Jones Firm. Dax Jones is a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer who proudly serves Kirkland residents who have been injured.

Dax Jones offers a free consultation for first-time clients. He would be happy to help you begin building your case today, so don’t delay in seeking out legal help and contact us today; you deserve justice.




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