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Bicycles are a very common method of transportation among the healthy and environmentally-friendly residents of Kirkland. Motor vehicles and bicyclists share roads on a daily basis to commute to work, parks, and just for exercise. Unfortunately, vehicles and bicyclists are often involved in accidents around Kirkland and all King County. If you know a Kirkland attorney, then they can help you get the compensation you deserve after your bicycle accident.

Accidents are a major concern for bicycle riders because they are vulnerable, as they are usually protected by only a helmet. Riders can suffer grave injuries due to accidents with cars and other motorized vehicles, and can even result in crippling injuries or fatalities. The most common causes of accidents involving cyclists and vehicles are:

  • Defective road conditions
  • Faulty bicycles or bicycle parts
  • Vehicle drivers not yielding to bicycles in crosswalks
  • Running red lights and/or speeding
  • Motor vehicles driving in the bike lane
  • Drivers who fail to see bicycles in turns and other compromising positions

Accidents involving bicycle riders and motorized vehicles are often blamed on cyclists, even by the police. However, in most cases, motorists are to blame for accidents.

Bicycle and auto accident attorney Dax Jones, from The Jones Firm, is here to help. Dax does everything in his power to make victims feel confident, as their claim is handled with the utmost professionalism. He will search tenaciously for the facts that victims have a hard time finding. This assures that the true story is revealed accurately and that the responsible party is held accountable for the damages.

Dax Jones applies professional techniques, hires experts, and obtains photos as well as medical records. He interviews witnesses and examines the scene of the accident to persistently seek compensation for his Kirkland clients. We want our clients who ride bikes to stay safe while commuting from one place to another.


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The Injuries Caused by Auto-Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists can suffer an array of injuries, for which they can receive full compensation. These can include:

  • Infections due to injury
  • Road rash and friction burns
  • Broken limbs
  • Back and spinal injuries
  • Head injuries and traumas
  • Severed limbs
  • Death


Options for Injured Bicyclists

Although bicyclists who are responsible for accidents don’t qualify for medical compensation, most cyclists have several options to pursue if they are involved in an auto accident. These can be filed as personal injury claims and will qualify for compensation. A few common scenarios in the Kirkland area are:

First Scenario: The driver of the vehicle has Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage on their policy.

The motorized vehicle driver may have PIP on their policy, which means the injured cyclist can access that policy for coverage of medical costs and even monetary losses that were incurred from the accident.

Second Scenario: The responsible driver does not have PIP, but the injured bicyclists have uninsured motorist coverage or PIP through their own insurance.

When the responsible vehicle driver does not have PIP coverage on his insurance plan, the cyclists can access PIP or uninsured motorist coverage through their own insurance if it’s available. This policy can cover the cyclist for general damage and special damage compensation, as well as medical coverage.

Third Scenario: Neither driver nor cyclist has the required coverage on their car insurance policies, but the bicyclist has health insurance.

When both the driver and the cyclist lack uninsured motorist coverage on their respective insurance policies, both parties can turn to their own health insurance. This will cover medical treatments that are a result of the accident.

Fourth Scenario: The motorist does not have PIP coverage, and the bicyclist does not have uninsured motorist coverage nor health insurance.

Uninsured motorist coverage and PIP are optional for insurance policies. If neither party has these optional features, and the cyclist does not have health insurance, unfortunately, the cyclist will have to cover medical expenses out of their own pocket. In this case, there will be no party with whom to file a personal injury claim.


Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney You can Trust

Many victims fail to receive the monetary compensation they deserve, and it’s all due to unwarranted fears and common misconceptions about personal injury claims. Some of the most common ones among individuals in Kirkland include:

Length and complexity of the claim process—this fear may not be entirely unwarranted, but it only applies to individuals who choose to handle their own personal injury claim. Those who choose to work with an experienced personal injury attorney, such as those at The Jones Firm, can disregard this concern.

At The Jones Firm, we handle all aspects of your personal injury claim: phone calls, paperwork, legal procedures, interfacing with doctors, insurance companies, other third parties, and everything in between. Our clients are always delighted by the ease of the personal injury claims process and are usually awarded significantly greater monetary compensation for their injuries.

The personal injury claim will make you look bad – Surprisingly enough, a huge amount of persons are concerned about how others will perceive them after filing the personal injury claim. This is especially true when it comes to serious injuries that warrant the claim. Still, some persons believe that filing a personal injury claim will make them look “weak” so they bite the bullet through the pain and discomfort. This usually results in severe injuries and even disabilities down the line, which can easily be avoided.

Fear that the personal injury claim will put them on insurance company “watch lists” —some people are under the impression that filing a personal injury claim will put them on some sort of insurance company watch list that it will result in higher insurance rates. However, individuals who are not responsible for the auto-bicycle accident will not see any unfair raise in insurance rates.


Reaping the Best Results for Our Injured Clients

With more than 10 years of experience, Dax Jones is here to help all Kirkland auto-bicycle accident victims and their family members through the difficult times following the collision and personal injury. Dax will see it as his mission to remove the stress of a personal injury claims process from the victims, handling all documents, phone calls, and investigations. This will allow bicycle accident victims to get the best results and the highest possible compensation.


What’s Stopping You From Getting Help?

Dax Jones is here to help, so don’t hesitate in contacting The Jones Firm today. Dax meets his clients wherever it’s most convenient for them in Pierce, Snohomish, and King counties. The initial consultation is free, and you won’t be limited to 30 minutes as the norm dictates for most law firms. Contact us today!


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