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Bicycle Accident Attorney Bothell, WA

Bothell is a small, healthy, and environmentally-conscious suburban city; a perfect match for bicyclists. Bicyclists commute in cities like Bothell, Seattle, Bellevue, best replica richard mille Kirkland, and Snohomish on daily basis and share roads with motorized vehicles. This close proximity means that cyclists are often involved in auto-bicycle accidents.

Unfortunately, these accidents are a common sight all over King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties. Hiring a Bothell attorney can help relieve the press off you from navigating the legal process of your case.

Bicycle riders don’t have much protection between themselves and the pavement, only their helmets. Given their vulnerability, auto-bicycle accidents usually result in severe injuries, and can even be fatal.


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Reasons Bicycle Accidents Happen

The most common reasons for auto-bicyclist collisions are:

  • Motorized vehicles driving in bike lanes
  • Defective road conditions
  • Motorized vehicle drivers fail to see cyclists when turning
  • Motorists running red lights
  • Motorists driving over the speeding limit
  • Defective bicycle components
  • Motorized vehicle drivers failing to yield to bicycles in crosswalks

Unfortunately, bicyclists are usually blamed for accidents by both car drivers and police. In reality, it’s far more common for the motorist to be at fault.

Dax Jones, Bothell bicycle accident attorney from The Jones Firm, does everything in his power to make victims feel confident their case is being handled well. Dax’s professional expertise allows him to ferret out the facts that injured individuals would have a hard time finding.

These facts will help The Jones Firm unearth the true story behind the accident, making sure the responsible party is held accountable for all damages caused.

At The Jones Firm, we evaluate every single detail, collect medical records and photos, hire experts, interview witnesses, and investigate the scene of the accident. We use the information we gather to pursue full compensation for our injured clients.


Common Injuries Due to Bicycle Accidents in Bothell

Auto-bicycle accidents can result in grave injuries for cyclists. At The Jones Firm, we have vast experience helping injured cyclists get the compensation they deserve. The most common injuries include:

  • Infections due to injury
  • Road rash
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken ribs
  • Broken and severed limbs
  • Head injuries
  • Death


What Are My Options if I’m Involved in a Bicyclist Accident in Bothell?

Although most people believe injured cyclists can only turn to their health insurance, injured bicycle riders have many options available. Bicyclists who are found at fault will not be eligible for compensation. However, most accidents are the responsibility of motorized drivers.

Here are some of the most common bicycle accident scenarios in Bothell:

Scenario #1: The at-fault driver has PIP coverage on his car insurance policy.

If the driver that is responsible for the accident has personal injury protection (PIP) on his insurance policy, injured cyclists can access it to cover their expenses. This includes all current and medical bills, plus lost wages due to inability to work.

Scenario #2: The at-fault driver does not have PIP coverage on his insurance policy, and the bicyclist has uninsured motorist coverage through their own insurance.

If the responsible driver does not have PIP, cyclists can turn to their own auto insurance policy as long as it has uninsured motorists’ coverage. If you have PIP or uninsured motorist coverage, you will be able to access your own insurance policy to cover general and special damages, including medical bills.

Scenario #3: Neither at-fault driver nor bicyclist has the necessary elective coverage on their policies, but the bicyclist has health insurance.

If neither the cyclists nor the motorist have PIP or uninsured motorist coverage, both parties can turn to their respective health insurance policies. You will receive full compensation for all medical bills, current and future, although you will not receive any compensation for lost wages or inability to work.

Scenario #4: The at-fault driver does not have PIP, and the bicyclist does not have uninsured motorist coverage or health insurance.

In the unfortunate event that neither cyclist nor motorist have PIP or uninsured motorist coverage, and the injured cyclists do not have health insurance, they will have to cover all medical expenses out of pocket. In this case, there is no party with whom to file the personal injury claim.


Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney You Can Trust

Countless individuals fail to receive the monetary compensation they deserve to cover their medical bills and other losses. This is mainly due to unwarranted fears and misconceptions about bicycle accident claims. Some of the most frequent examples we encounter are:

  1. Fear that the claims process will require too much time and energy – Unless you are planning to take on your personal injury claim yourself, this fear is totally unwarranted. As long as you work with experienced attorneys like The Jones Firm, you will be delighted at how easy it is to file a personal injury claim. At The Jones Firm, we handle all aspects of your personal injury claim. We make the right phone calls, file paperwork on time, and meet with insurance company representatives on behalf of our clients. Our clients are always pleased with how simple the process is, and most importantly, they are happy to receive significantly higher monetary compensation.
  2. Fear of being perceived negatively for filing a claim – Many bicycle accident victims refuse to file a claim because they are worried it will be perceived negatively. They believe people will see it as a way to extort money or “finagle” the system. Others are worried about being perceived as weak, so they prefer to hide their excruciating pain. In these cases, victims usually suffer long-term, severe injuries or disabilities that could otherwise be avoided. Filing a claim does not make you seem weak or manipulative; on the other hand, it’s the safest, most prudent thing to do following an auto-bicycle accident.
  1. Fear that filing a bicycle accident claim will put them on a “watch list” for insurance companies that will charge them unfair rates in the future – Individuals who are not at fault in an auto-bicycle accident will not see any unfair raise on their insurance policy. As long as you are not at fault, you will not be penalized for the occurrence.


Getting the Compensation Our Clients Deserve

The Jones Firm has more than 10 years of experience as bicycle accident attorneys in Bothell and across Snohomish, Pierce, and King Counties. Our lead attorney, Dax Jones, helps victims and their families through the tough time following a bicycle accident.

His mission is to take all the stress of the personal injury claim away, allowing you to focus on making a fast recovery. Dax will handle all documentation, paperwork, investigations, phone calls, meetings, and other proceedings on behalf of his clients, assuring you the best result for your claim.


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