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Bicycle Accident Attorney in Sammamish, WA

Have you been injured in a personal injury accident in Sammamish, WA? The Jones Firm is here to help you get the compensation you deserve and need to recover from your accident. We’ve been serving clients in the Sammamish area for over 10 years. Our Sammamish attorney services have been helpful to many of our clients, we would love to have your case be our next success story.

Bicycling in Sammamish is a common pastime for families and individuals. The beautiful scenery, bike trails, and rides along the water make bike riding an enjoyable family activity and an excellent way to exercise. Unfortunately, many of those cyclists are riding alongside busy streets with motor vehicles. Where you have bicycles and cars together, accidents will occur.

When an auto-bicycle accident does occur in Sammamish, it is almost invariably the bicyclist who suffers injuries. Riders’ relatively minimal protective gear does little when colliding with a car going much faster than they are. Many of these bicycle accidents in Sammamish result in severe injuries and sometimes fatalities.

The most common reason that these accidents occur include:

  • Drivers in the bike lane instead of their own lane
  • Drivers failing to notice or yield to a bicyclist
  • Children or young riders being overlooked due to size/height
  • Poor road conditions
  • Speeding
  • Failure to follow appropriate traffic signals or laws


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Handling a Bicycle Auto Accident in Sammamish

Surprisingly, when a bicycle-auto accident does occur, many drivers blame the bicyclist. The reality of who is at fault, however, is usually the reverse. It is far more common that the motorist is at fault.

For those who’ve been involved in a bicycle-auto accident, it’s important to seek legal help as soon as possible to ensure that you are not unfairly blamed and that you receive full compensation for all damages incurred. Our lead attorney, Dax Jones, is an experienced personal injury attorney who has worked with many bicycle accident victims in the Sammamish area. We believe that your job is to recover from your injuries, while it is our job to create a winning case on your behalf. We will also take responsibility for the following;

  • Field phone calls from insurance companies
  • Gather evidence
  • Consult with medical experts and accident reconstruction experts
  • Obtain the police report and any photos taken of the accident
  • Interview witnesses
  • Build a winning case


Obtaining Results for Our Sammamish Clients

Dax Jones has more than 10 years of experience handling pedestrian and bicycle accidents in the Seattle area. He’s helped countless victims and their families through the turmoil of a personal injury accident and claim. His mission is that each of his clients would feel secure and confident in their choice of legal representation and that he’d succeed every time in awarding them the compensation they need to cover their damages and medical expenses.

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Contact The Jones Firm today! While his office is located in Bellevue, Dax Jones will happily meet with his clients anywhere that is most convenient for them, such as their home in Sammamish, a hospital, doctors office, or any other location they desire. The initial consultation is free and is NOT limited to 30 minutes, as it is at most law firms.


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