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Bicycle Accident Attorney in Seattle, WA


Bicycles and bicyclists are overlooked on the road often. The Jones Firm, and experienced bicycle accident attorney Dax Jones, defend the rights of bicyclists and insist on compensation when they suffer injuries because of a motorist’s negligence or failure to follow the rules.


Bicycle Accident Statistics in Seattle, WA

Seattle is not always safe for cyclists because it has many dangerous intersections that are hotspots for cyclist crashes. According to the Seattle Department of Transportation, between 2013 and 2017, there were over 5,000 accidents involving cyclists, and 386 of them were severe or fatal.


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The Jones Firm – Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Seattle

If you’ve been in a bicycle accident, you need a bicycle injury attorney with experience and a reputation you can trust. You need reliable personal injury attorney services and a professional lawyer who knows the traffic code and how to use it in court.

The Jones Firm has established a strong reputation in Seattle, Bothell, and Bellevue. We don’t take those sobering bike injury stats lightly. We don’t want cyclists to feel unsafe in Seattle or think they have no voice in the legal system.

We’ve made it our business to know the traffic codes and advocate for injured cyclists who need compensation for their injuries’ trauma and recovery costs.  If you’re in the Seattle, Bothell, or Bellevue, WA, area, consider having The Jones Firm on your side. While we can’t guarantee outcomes in the future, we have a track record of success that you can depend on.


What To Do If You’ve Been Involved in A Bicycle Accident

The danger of city streets in Seattle does not excuse individual motorists for their actions. If a driver ignores a bicyclist’s right of way or causes injury to a cyclist through negligence, they must be held accountable.

  • Don’t admit fault: There will be time to discuss who is responsible after finding a bike injury attorney.
  • Gather evidence: If you’ve been in a bicycle crash, get the motorist’s details involved with the crash. Take photographs of the damage to your bicycle and any injuries you may have suffered.
  • Seek medical treatment: If you sustain any injuries that require medical attention, seek treatment immediately.


Common Injuries in Bicycle Accidents

  • Jawbone Fractures: The chin and face can strike the pavement or the hood of an oncoming vehicle hard enough to break bones.
  • Broken bones and limbs: Collision with the ground or other surfaces often leads to severely broken bones.
  • Head injuries and traumas: Skull fractures are a real possibility, especially if you weren’t wearing a helmet.
  • Severe bruising, cuts, lacerations, and road rash: You can suffer painful skin damage from contact with gravel, asphalt, or any other hard surface.
  • Road rash and friction burns: When demanding compensation from motorists, don’t forget the pain and infection risk of road rash.
  • Injuries to the spinal cord: A back or neck fracture could lead to permanent paralysis.
  • Infections due to injury: Broken skin and bones can lead to life-threatening infections, leading to brain damage, amputations, and death.
  • Severed limbs, death, and more: High impact crashes can cause permanent disability and death.


Common Causes of Bike Accidents

  • The driver ignored stop signs and other traffic signs: Disregarding traffic laws creates a high collision risk for cyclists.
  • Speeding: Excessive speed makes it difficult to avoid a cyclist and worsens the severity of injuries.
  • The driver followed the bicyclist too closely: Failure to give the bicyclist enough space could lead to a rear-end collision.
  • Drivers who fail to see cyclists and distracted driving: Drivers who are texting, tired, or on the phone might fail to notice a cyclist.
  • Poor road conditions: Bad weather creates road conditions that can prevent a motorist from avoiding a cyclist.
  • Intoxicated drivers: Drunk drivers and drivers under the influence pose a danger to cyclists.
  • Motorists do not yield to cyclists in crosswalks: Motorists often fail to pay enough attention to crosswalks.
  • Aggressive drivers/running red lights: There is no excuse for intimidation or failure to respect your rights on the road.
  • Motorists driving in bike lanes: Bicycle lanes are designed to protect bicyclists, but they put cyclists in danger if they violate these lanes.
  • Defective bicycle or bicycle parts: The manufacturer of a defective part may owe you compensation.
  • And more: Whatever the cause of your bicycle crash, you may be entitled to compensation.


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Getting Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries After the Bicycle Accident

The Jones Firm puts their knowledge of the Seattle traffic code to work for you to seek compensation for each of our cyclist clients. Some traffic attorneys might not know about the laws protecting cyclists, but we prioritize that knowledge.

Even if motorists can avoid responsibility for the crash, others might be responsible. We will pursue claims against product manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, or the city itself for their responsibility to you and your family.

Fight With a Bike Accident Attorney on Your Side

Persistence often pays off, so we won’t take the easy way out by pushing you to settle for less than you’re entitled to. At The Jones Firm, we’re not afraid to put in the work to make responsible parties face financial consequences.


Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Seattle, You Can Trust

If you aren’t sure whether you can trust bike injury lawyers, put them to the test. Before you do business with a bike accident law firm, check out their history and level of commitment to cyclists and the cycling community.

Questions to Ask a Bike Accident Lawyer

Are they familiar with the traffic code for cyclists? Are they willing to stick up for cyclists against motorists and insurance companies? Do they have a track record of significant awards for their clients? Are they respected in Seattle? Do they contribute to the city?


Hire The Jones Firm’s Seattle Bicycle Accident Lawyer Today!

If you were hurt in a bicycle accident, The Jones Firm wants to hear from you. We’ll be on your side every step of the way as you seek the compensation you need to regain your life. Defend your rights, and call today.


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