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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Bothell, WA

We all strive to be perfect drivers, but perfection is an impossible goal on today’s busy highways and streets. If you committed a traffic violation or face traffic violation charges through no fault of your own, The Jones Firm’s traffic attorney services can help.


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Where Can I Find a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Near Me?

We offer free consultations to drivers in the Bothell, WA area. We use our understanding of the traffic law to fight for our clients in traffic court and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.


Traffic Lawyers in Bothell, WA


Dedicated Traffic Lawyer, Dax Jones, and His Team

The Jones Firm, headed by attorney Dax Jones, serves clients in personal injury, car accident, and traffic violation cases throughout Seattle, Bothell, and Bellevue. Drivers involved in traffic accidents often face tickets, points on their license, suspension, and even jail time. In many cases, police and prosecutors are overzealous or blame the wrong person. They must respect your rights and prove their cases in a court of law. A knowledgeable and dedicated attorney at your side levels the playing field for you, your reputation, and your driving record.


An Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer and More

At The Jones Firm, we understand that drivers need to move on with their lives after an accident, and we will be a passionate voice for you in the courtroom and the negotiating table. We’ll do everything we can to get tickets and charges dismissed.


Different Traffic Violation Charges

We represent clients with tickets from minor moving violations to those facing serious jail time. Every client is important to us. In every case, we ask the questions and demand the answers to hold the prosecution accountable.


·Speeding Tickets

Did the ticketing officer follow the correct procedure? Police officers sometimes ticket drivers to fill quotas and don’t even bother to show up to defend their charges.

·Super Speeding

Was the detection equipment faulty? If you’re accused of exceeding the speed limit by a large margin, it could be mistaken identity or an equipment malfunction.

·Distracted Driving Tickets

Who hasn’t been distracted behind the wheel? Drivers are only human. If you face a distracted driving ticket, we’ll challenge the ticket and show how any reasonable driver might have lost focus in your situation.

·Running a Red Light or Failing to Adhere to a Traffic Sign

We all have to follow the rules of the road, but some cases aren’t so simple. Was the light broken? Was the sign hidden behind trees the city had an obligation to maintain? Was the signage confusing? Did road conditions make it impossible to follow a sign?

The Jones Firm understands that there are exceptions and extenuating circumstances. We’ll work hard to bring them before a judge in a compelling way.


We’ll challenge field sobriety tests and breathalyzer results if you’ve been charged with driving under the influence.

·Hit and Run/Reckless Driving/Fleeing/Vehicular Homicide

Fleeing the scene of an accident, especially in cases of hit-and-run or reckless driving, leaves a driver open to severe consequences. This is especially true if the incident involves property damage, injury, or death.

If you face these charges, we’ll force the prosecution to prove it was you behind the wheel and make sure the court understands any extenuating circumstances. Cops make faulty identifications. Drivers make mistakes and panic in the heat of the moment. Whatever happened, we’ll stick up for your rights and tell your side of the story.

·Driving Without a License/Suspended License

If you’ve lost your license, we can guide you through the reinstatement process. If in an emergency or by mistake the police caught you driving without a valid license, we’ll fight to reduce any penalties and help you get back behind the wheel legally.


Serious Traffic Offenses

We’re not afraid to tackle the most severe charges. Did you flee an accident or run from the police? Were you driving without insurance? Were you driving at high speed because of a crime you committed? Were you drag racing? Were you falsely accused of any of these acts?

The state of Washington takes these lapses in judgment very seriously. If you face these charges, whatever you may have done or not done in your vehicle, you need representation you can trust. At The Jones Firm, we’ll do whatever we can to protect you from financial and legal consequences, and we’ll challenge the prosecution every step of the way.


Traffic Violation Codes and Fines

If you’re convicted of a traffic violation, you could face severe consequences, such as tickets, steep increases to your insurance premiums, or even a suspension or revocation of your license. These penalties are even more severe for young drivers and commercial drivers who have more stringent restrictions on how and when they can drive.

At The Jones Firm, we’ll contest excessive charges and scour the traffic code looking for details and exceptions that might entitle you to a reduction or dismissal of the ticket.


Benefits of Hiring Our Traffic Violation Lawyers

The severity of penalties for traffic violations depends on how well the prosecution and the police can prove the driver did anything wrong and the extent to which the judge or jury sees the driver as responsible and guilty.

You might be wondering, “where can I find a traffic attorney near me? If I do find a traffic lawyer near me, how do I know I can trust them?”

Experienced traffic violation lawyers won’t let the prosecution get away with mistakes or shortcuts. If they have a weak case, we work to exploit those weaknesses. We’ve seen what defense strategies have worked in the past, and we are confident and prepared when we state each client’s case to the judge or jury.


Hire The Jones Firm’s Traffic Violation Lawyer in Bothell, WA

Do you have tickets or face charges for traffic violations? Call the trusted attorneys of The Jones Firm today for zealous, compassionate, and knowledgeable representation. Discuss your case with a traffic ticket attorney for free with no obligation.



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