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Highway Design Defect Lawyer in Bothell, WA

When a bump in the road hurts more than just your car…

Typically, car crashes and vehicle accidents are the fault of drivers. But sometimes, the fault is on the roads themselves. Poorly-designed highways or roads in Bothell can lead to accidents and serious injuries. Hiring a Bothell attorney can help you fight to get the compensation you deserve.


Your Bothell Highway Design Defect Attorney

Dax Jones, an experienced Bothell highway design defect attorney, recognizes the difficulties of proving that a road design defect was the cause of a crash and that the government was negligent in not correcting the issue before the wreck occurred. He has many years of experience in helping clients receive compensation in these tricky situations.

One way to prove that a road design defect is at fault is by showing that there is a trend of accidents happening repeatedly in that same Bothell location. If this has occurred and a government agency has ignored the pattern, they can be held liable for their inaction.

Road defects can include:

  • Pooling water from improper drainage
  • Uneven pavement, including potholes
  • Poor or improper signage or stoplights
  • Missing guardrails or other safety devices
  • Failure to clear, or warn drivers of, a road hazard


Services We Offer in Bothell:


Holding Negligent Parties Responsible

In order to file a lawsuit against a government agency, you must recognize that the process is much different from suing an individual or private company. Dax Jones is ready to help you through the shorter deadlines and unique requirements in order to get you an appropriate settlement. He has a proven record of success in his work on behalf of Bothell families who have suffered from car accidents caused by road defects.

In addition to government agencies, Dax Jones and The Jones Firm can help you with cases against other responsible parties, like:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Engineers


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Hiring an Experienced Highway Design Defect Attorney

Jones is an experienced Bothell car accident lawyer. He will work with skilled investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and other experts in highway design defects to support your case. Dax Jones cares as much about your case as you do, and he will use all of his expertise, knowledge, and resources to ensure that you reach a satisfactory settlement in court.

Contact The Jones Firm using our online contact form to set up a consultation with highway design defect attorney Dax Jones. He will meet clients anywhere in Pierce, King and Snohomish counties. This free consultation is not limited to 30 minutes, unlike typical law firms.

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