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Highway Design Defect Lawyer in Renton, WA

Drivers cause most car accidents. Sometimes though, a design flaw in the road or highway is to blame. Serious injuries or even death can result from poorly designed roadways. If you have been a victim of a highway design defect, contacting a Renton attorney is your next step to get the compensation you deserve.


Expert Highway Design Defect Attorneys in Renton

Dax Jones is an expert highway defect attorney who can help Renton residents get the answers they need after an accident caused by a highway design flaw. He understands the complexities of proving that design flaws, as opposed to driver error, led to your accident.

If this is so, then the government agency that oversees the roadway carries responsibility for your accident for not fixing the problem. Dax has years of experience negotiating compensation for clients who are dealing with this difficult type of case.

One of the key indicators to a highway design defect is a pattern of auto accidents at the same location over and over again. If the government agency responsible for the road neglects or overlooks these patterns, the government may find itself liable for not taking action to remedy the repeat accidents.


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Information for Washington Drivers

On the whole, Washington is a relatively safe state for drivers. The number of yearly auto accidents falls below the national average. Even so, accidents do happen, and a small percentage of those incidents are related to problems with highway and road design flaws.

When considering accidents in our state, know that one crash occurs every five minutes in Washington. Most accidents occur between 5 and 6 p.m., which is just the right time for the evening commute.

The factor of added traffic strain works to highlight roadways bearing poor highway design, particularly in the area of on and off ramp design. Consequently, it may be the road, not the drivers, that shoulders some of the blame for the increased number of accidents during that hour.

Many of the highway exits in and around Renton are diagonal exits rather than cloverleaf design ramps. Even though diagonal exits are safer, these entry points can still cause major hangups and close calls when approached incorrectly. Improperly designed or repaired exit and entrance ramps lead to all kinds of travel woes and traffic accidents at highway intersections.


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Understanding Highway Design Defects

In Renton, some areas of particular concern include intersections along Interstate 405, particularly at Highway 167, Highway 169, and Park Drive. These areas are locally known culprits for accidents. Surely you’ve been stuck in rush-hour traffic when you see the blaring lights or hear the wailing sirens of emergency vehicles responding to a wreck at these busy intersections.

Improperly timed traffic lights can also cause problems. Like the roadways themselves, the transportation agency bears the responsibility to manage the correct timing of traffic lights. Short signals can lead to a host of driving headaches. But, often lead to riskier decisions by drivers who try to get through in order to avoid waiting at yet another red light.

An increase in last-second yellow light speed throughs and poorly timed turns and stopping short are all possible effects of excessively short signal times. Other road defects can appear anywhere you drive and include a range of design issues:

  • Poor drainage and pooled water lead to hydroplaning or stalled vehicles.
  • Uneven pavements, roadways, and unfilled potholes cause drivers to lose control of the steering wheel.
  • Missing or incomplete guardrails that lead to severe accidents.
  • Unclear or absent warnings indicate the presence of a road hazard that may cause motorists to drive at unsafe speeds.


Holding Responsible Parties Accountable in Renton

If you’ve been in an auto accident in Renton and feel that a highway design defect caused your loss, Dax Jones can help. Dax identifies the at-fault government agency and works through the unique filing requirements involved with such a case. Cases of this type have a very short filing time and some nuances in their protocol, so working with an expert in a timely fashion is critical.
In addition to pursuing cases against at-fault government agencies, the Jones Firm works on highway design lawsuits against:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Contractors

Attorney Jones is a Renton car accident lawyer who has a winning track record of investigating auto accidents from all angles. He uses the skills of investigators and reconstruction experts to put the pieces together and determine who’s at fault. His extensive pool of resources and knowledge of the subject matter provides the right combination to ensure full compensation for his clients.


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If you were in an accident at a busy intersection in Renton, or think that your recent auto accident was the result of a highway design defect, contact Dax Jones immediately. He will help you determine if you have a case. Fill out our online contact form for more information and to schedule a free consultation.





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