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Highway Design Defect Lawyer in Kirkland, WA


Kirkland Highway Design Defects

Poor road conditions that contribute to accidents are usually caused by rain, sleet, and snow. Sometimes, the road design itself leads to unforeseen injury or death. Road design flaws may seem like a minor thing, but the results of these defects can be devastating to Kirkland residents and families. Knowing a Kirkland attorney can help you if you sustain injuries from a highway design defect.


Kirkland Design Defects in Highways

If you believe that a flaw in the road may be to blame for your accident or injury, then you should find legal counsel to help you determine who is at fault and which government entity is responsible. Attorney Dax Jones is exactly who you need and he is here to help you and your family during such occasions. Jones has years of experience assisting families who were the victims of roadway design. With their expertise, The Jones Firm effectively represents victims of highway design issues and obtains compensation from the government entity at fault.


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Identifying the Responsible Party

If a string of accidents occurs in the same location, a highway defect may be enabling the collisions. Should a string of such accidents proceed your event, then you have the beginning of a winning case.  There are many things that can contribute to a highway design defect, and often, these flaws stem from road maintenance that has been ignored for too long. A government agency’s failure in correcting such problems makes these entities liable for your accident.

These agencies face blame when they ignore problems such as:

  • Uneven pavement and potholes
  • Standing water due to improper drainage
  • Missing or improper placement of stoplights, signs and safety devices
  • Failed or unclear warnings of road hazards

Suing for negligence on the part of government entities holds these agencies accountable for highway problems and ensures that the defect will be repaired—protecting you and your fellow motorists. Attorney Dax Jones stands with victims who are facing this intimidating situation and helps these clients obtain full compensation for injuries caused by their accident.


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Successfully Litigating Full Compensation

A lawsuit targeting a government agency is significantly different than one against an individual. Unique filing requirements and shorter filing deadlines require expertise to see them handled correctly. Dax Jones possesses this knowledge and the experience needed to successfully litigate against government agencies on behalf of highway design defect victims and their families.

Furthermore, attorney Jones knows that in addition to government entities, other parties may also hold blame. Architects, engineers, and contractors all hold a stake in a road’s safety or risk. While fighting for you, The Jones Firm will pursue lawsuits against these parties as well. No stone is left unturned in earning compensation for victims.

Skilled and experienced in investigating car accidents from all sides, Dax Jones has a proven track record of being a Kirkland car accident attorney who gets results for victims. With the help of investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and highway engineers, The Jones Firm wields extensive resources and knowledge to earn full compensation for clients.


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