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Searching for a reliable and experienced personal injury attorney? Conveniently located less than 10 minutes from Kirkland, Dax Jones specializes in helping personal injury victims seek justice after accidents, whether caused by another motorist, a design defect, or an unfortunate circumstance. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are affected by accidents, ranging from low-speed crashes to serious automotive accidents. If you’re the victim of an accident, there are solutions available to help you receive the assistance and support you need.

From injuries to damage to your vehicle, The Jones Firm can help you find out more about your legal options in the wake of an accident.


Personal Injury Attorney Kirkland

From automotive collisions to bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents, there are numerous ways to get hurt while you’re out and about. If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, replica franck muller you may be able to take legal action in order to recover an appropriate settlement from the insurance company. Personal injuries can range from muscle strains to broken bones, burns, brain injuries, and other cases of severe damage to your body. At The Jones Firm, we can file a personal injury claim on your behalf and provide the legal expertise you need to achieve an optimal result.  In addition to our legal expertise, we work with a vast network of doctors, psychiatrists, physical therapists, and other experts, ensuring you’re both treated and represented by the very best in the business.


Kirkland Auto Accident Attorney

From low-speed collisions to high-speed crashes, automotive accidents are extremely common occurrences. While some crashes only cause vehicular damage, others can result in everything from property damage to severe personal injuries. As a specialist in auto accident cases, Dax Jones has extensive experience helping the victims of automotive crashes receive fair and adequate compensation from insurance providers. If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our firm is here to help. Our expert team can travel to your location to provide a free consultation, helping you learn more about the legal options that are available to you in the wake of your automotive accident.


Pedestrian Accident Attorney Kirkland

Pedestrian accidents can be devastating, even when they occur at relatively low speeds. From broken bones, burns, and bruising to brain injuries—even a low-speed accident involving a car or other vehicle can cause significant damage to a pedestrian. Many pedestrian accidents involve distracted, tired, or erroneous drivers. If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident caused by another individual, you may be able to seek compensation from the other party’s insurance company. With more than 10 years of personal experience helping victims of pedestrian accidents, Dax Jones and The Jones Firm are here to help you seek the results you deserve after a pedestrian accident involving a motorist.


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Kirkland Bicycle Accident Attorney

With a growing number of bicyclists on the roads, bicycle accidents are becoming significantly more common. Like pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents can often result in significant injuries, even after a relatively low-speed collision. Due to the lack of protection while on a bicycle, crashes are common to result in serious injuries. Bicycle accidents are often caused due to other motorists failing to see a bicycle, driving in the bike lane, or forgetting to yield. With years of experience, attorney Dax Jones and The Jones Firm can help you seek justice in the event you’re injured in a bicycle accident.


Motorcycle Accident Attorney Kirkland

Despite popular belief, most motorcycle accidents aren’t the fault of motorcyclists. Instead, drivers who are distracted behind the wheel or simply can’t see motorcyclists are often the key cause of motorcycle accidents, including many high-speed collisions. With the difference in protection between a car and a motorcycle, victims of motorcycle accidents can often result in significant injuries. From gathering physical evidence to seeking full compensation for everything from medical bills to lost wages, The Jones Firm specializes in helping people injured in motorcycle accidents seek and receive the payment to which they’re entitled in the event of an accident.


Kirkland Commercial Trucking Accident Attorney

Trucking accidents can be extremely serious, resulting in everything from significant property damage to physical injuries, emotional distress, and psychological issues. The Jones Firm has an excellent record of successfully managing commercial trucking accident cases. From investigating the cause of the accident to calculating damages, we can help you seek full and fair compensation after a commercial trucking accident.


Wrongful Death Attorney Kirkland

From traffic accidents to injuries sustained while at work, unexpected incidents can often result in the loss of a friend, partner, or loved one. Dealing with the sudden loss of a family member can be a devastating event, resulting in both the emotional distress of dealing with the situation to the financial nightmare of paying for the funeral, burial, medical bills, and more. Wrongful death cases can also often involve the loss of income from the unforeseen death of a partner or family member, placing further financial strain on your family. From economic damages to loss of enjoyment of life, The Jones Firm specializes in helping you seek complete compensation after the wrongful death of a loved one. Our experienced team is here to help you take action and seek fair compensation during a difficult, challenging situation.


Kirkland Construction Accident Attorney

From vehicular collisions to slip-and-fall injuries, accidents can frequently occur on construction sites all around the country. Although all claims against employers are paid through workers’ compensation in Washington, it is still possible to recover damage against a third party as a worker. This means that you might be able to take legal action if you’re injured as a result of negligent behavior on a building site. From medical bills to lost income, Dax Jones and The Jones Firm has helped a diverse range of people injured in construction accidents seek compensation for their injuries,  lost opportunities, and other complications caused by construction site accidents.


Traffic Citation Attorney Kirkland

Over the long term, a traffic violation can seriously curtail your abilities as a motorist, resulting in higher insurance rates and restrictions on your ability to operate your motor vehicle. From speeding to failure to stop, a wide range of traffic citations can affect your ability to access affordable insurance rates. Many of these citations also carry significant charges, forcing you to spend a large percentage of your household budget paying costly fees and fines. The Jones Firm can help you keep your driving record clear and avoid costly insurance rates by taking driving citations to court, potentially reducing or completely dismissing your charges.


Kirkland Highway Design Defect Attorney

The majority of motor accidents are caused by drivers. However, poorly designed roads and highways can also sometimes cause accidents, whether it’s because of improper drainage too, poor placement of signs and stop lights, or damaged or uneven road surfaces. If you’re involved in an accident caused by poor road or highway design, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the government agency responsible for the road design. As a specialize in highway design defect lawsuits, The Jones Firm can pursue cases against government agencies, architects, engineers, and contractors responsible for poorly designed, maintained, or constructed roads.


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