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Dax Jones of The Jones Firm is a committed attorney practicing in Issaquah and the surrounding areas. He has worked in the legal field for more than a decade and has a track record of success in his practice.

Dax understands the extent of trust necessary when it comes to choosing an attorney and has a proven track record of going above and beyond his clients’ expectations in the pursuit of justice.


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Personal Injury Attorney In Issaquah

There are more than a few reasons you might be in need of a personal injury attorney in Issaquah.

Common causes of personal injuries include slips and falls, sports-related injuries, or unsafe conditions at an establishment. If you have sustained a personal injury in Issaquah, it is important to work with a personal injury attorney rather than simply accept your injury as a new reality.

Personal injuries require a lot of care and recovery time, things which the average Issaquah resident doesn’t have time for. Sustaining an injury due to the negligent or intentional misconduct of another is something you should not be held responsible to remedy. Contact Issaquah’s personal injury attorney Dax Jones to start building your case today.

Dax Jones prioritizes efficient communication from the first meeting and is committed to finding the best way to serve his clients. He understands the gravity of each case and takes your situation extremely seriously.


Auto Accident Attorney Near Issaquah

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Issaquah, it is vitally important to work with an auto accident attorney. Don’t admit to any fault or accept a settlement from an insurance agency until you have consulted an auto accident attorney.

Victims of auto accidents often accept far less than what their damages are worth because initially, it seems like a fair amount. But they soon come to realize that medical bills, car repairs, time off work, and therapy cost far more than they had anticipated.

Dax Jones has been faithfully defending Issaquah drivers for many years and has experience with Washington State traffic laws. Don’t accept a low settlement thinking you can’t get more for your damages, let a skilled auto accident attorney help you receive just compensation.


Issaquah Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Despite popular belief, a pedestrian may be held partially responsible for causing an accident, so it is unwise to simply take for granted that you will receive compensation if you have been in an accident as a pedestrian.

Dax Jones is committed to helping pedestrians fight for compensation following an accident and making Issaquah a safer city for walkers. If you have been injured in an accident as a pedestrian, contact The Jones Firm today to get in touch with a pedestrian accident attorney in Issaquah.


Bicycle Accident Attorney In Issaquah

Similar to pedestrians, there are many cyclists in Issaquah due to increased environmental awareness, as well as the health benefits of cycling. Because cyclists are made to share the road with other, much larger vehicles, many cyclists are involved in accidents and sustain severe injuries.

Dax Jones is an experienced bicycle accident attorney defending injured cyclists and helping them receive compensation from the one responsible for causing the injury. If you have recently been involved in an accident as a cyclist or just want to know where to find legal help as a cyclist should it become necessary, contact bicycle accident attorney Dax Jones today.


Issaquah Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcyclists are often unjustly held responsible for collisions that they didn’t cause. They can easily be made the scapegoat and blamed as the cause of collisions. Meanwhile, drivers are not always aware of how to operate their vehicles safely around smaller vehicles such as motorcycles.

You should not be held financially responsible for an accident that you did not cause — if you are an injured motorcyclist in Issaquah, get the legal help you deserve today. The Jones Firm has many motorcycle accident attorneys that can help defend you in court and get the compensation you deserve.


Commercial Trucking Accident Attorney Near Issaquah

Trucking accidents are responsible for serious injuries and even death.

Because of the scale of the vehicles involved, commercial trucking accidents almost always lead to the need for extensive medical help. If you are a commercial trucker and you want to be protected should you be involved in an accident, it is vital to know a trustworthy trucking accident attorney.

Just because you are operating the largest vehicle on the road does not put you automatically at fault as the other driver might think. Contact the Jones Firm to speak with commercial trucking accident attorney Dax Jones today.


Wrongful Death Attorney In Issaquah

If you have recently lost a loved one due to the negligent or intentional misconduct of an individual or corporation, you should seek out the help of a wrongful death attorney.

You may carry the legal right to pursue damages from the individual or corporation due to the wrongful death and should take legal action to ensure the guilty party doesn’t continue to negligently operate.


Construction Accident Attorney Near Issaquah

Construction work is far more dangerous than many people know and construction workers are often involved in accidents that remove them from the field for lengthy periods of time to recover. If working in construction, you should not have to live under the constant threat that your livelihood may be taken away in an instant due to a failure from your company to follow safety protocol.

If you have been injured as an Issaquah construction worker, contact a construction accident attorney to start defending your case now.


Issaquah Traffic Citation Attorney

If you feel that you have received an unjust traffic citation, you should employ the services of a traffic citation attorney. A traffic citation attorney will assess the circumstances of your citation and help you build a convincing case with the evidence.

Here at the Jones Firm, we understand that most drivers don’t have time to challenge a traffic citation and so simply accept the monetary consequences — even when they are unjust. We want to be the ones to take care of legal matters for you so that you can continue with your life and not suffer the financial burden of an unjust traffic citation.


Issaquah Highway Design Defect Attorney

Auto collisions happen daily. There is a wide range of reasons why a collision might occur, poor driving, bad weather conditions, animals or people crossing the road, etc. Poorly designed roads and highways also have their hand in contributing to the number of accidents that occur.

Highway design defect attorney Dax Jones is able to untangle the complex variables surrounding auto accidents of this nature and help victims who have been injured due to defective highways through the complex legal situation.


Hire an Issaquah Attorney Today!

As a client of the Jones Firm, you and your story are valued. Dax Jones will help you navigate the legal storm while also being sensitive to how the situation is affecting your emotional, financial, and physical life.

You want an attorney who cares, and that’s exactly what Dax Jones is. He seeks to help victims overcome legal leaps and takes great pleasure in seeing that each client gets started on the road to recovery — both legal and physical.

Due to his extensive legal experience, Dax Jones is confident and equipped to serve his clients in a number of different ways. Contact the Jones Firm today to schedule your free consultation!


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