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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Issaquah, WA

Attorney Dax Jones provides legal help to motorcyclists who need compensation for expenses acquired due to an accident. Jones dedicates his expertise to learning the specifics of your motorcycle accident and personal injury case, working to make sure you receive just compensation for any personal property damage or injury suffered.

Dax calls upon his 10 years of experience to handle these cases swiftly, efficiently, and professionally. He manages all legal proceedings, enabling you to focus on returning your life to how it was before in the Issaquah area. The excellent reviews Dax Jones receives from his clients are a testament to his reputation and dedication to protecting his clients’ rights as their Issaquah attorney.

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Motorcycle Accidents in Issaquah

Motorcycle accidents in Issaquah frequently result in significant injury and even death. In fact, over 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents in the United States end in serious injury or death. Motorcycle accidents frequently happen on and around Interstate 90, and injuries may occur when motorcyclists do not wear appropriate safety gear or follow the rules of the road.

However, many road accidents involving motorcycles are the result of negligence from another driver. A car or truck driver may not pay full attention to the traffic that surrounds their vehicle. Accidents may happen when motorists fail to yield to motorcycles, pull out into the path of a motorcycle rider, struggle driving on patches of poorly maintained, or drive with defective vehicles or equipment.

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After a Motorcycle Accident in Issaquah

If you are in a motor vehicle accident, you should ensure you have the strongest foundation for your personal injury case. Here are steps to take if you get in a motorcycle accident in the Issaquah area.

  • Don’t leave. Stay at the scene.
  • Call 9-1-1, or ask someone nearby to call for you.
  • with law enforcement officers dispatched to the accident and make sure that at least one of the officers files a police report.
  • Get medical help. Recognize that not all injuries show up immediately. You could receive an injury that may not reveal itself until much later, which is why it’s important to get an assessment for any and all injuries as soon as possible.
  • Exchange insurance, contact, and driver’s license information with any other drivers involved in the motorcycle accident. Write down or take pictures of license plates.
  • If you are able, take pictures of the scene of the accident.
  • Get the contact information for any witnesses to the accident so your attorney can meet with them to learn more about what they saw.
  • Report your accident to your insurance company.
  • Call the Seattle area’s experienced motorcycle accident attorney, Dax Jones, of The Jones Firm, for legal assistance.

Compensation for Your Motorcycle Accident in Issaquah

While it might seem that a low-speed collision would not cause serious injuries, in reality, any motorcycle accident can cause serious harm to the motorcycle rider. Motorcycle accidents can lead to high medical expenses from the initial trauma, ongoing medical treatment, lost income due to the inability to work, and a loss of earning capacity in the future.

If you suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident, you need to protect your rights. Seek the knowledge and experience of a Seattle-area attorney with a free consultation at The Jones Firm. During your consultation, we help you to determine if you qualify for a personal injury claim. We also assist you by bringing a better understanding to your case regarding complications that may arise from your claims, such as issues with traffic law compliance, vehicle registration, license registration, or other liabilities.

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We value protecting motorcyclists and their rights. We remain committed to ensuring the residents of Issaquah receive compensation for personal injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents.

If you need a motorcycle accident attorney in the Issaquah area that puts you and your family first, contact Dax Jones online or call (206) 734-3962. His main practice is located in Bellevue, but Jones travels throughout the counties of King, Snohomish, and Pierce to meet his clients.

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