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Issaquah boasts of healthy, environment-conscious residents, so bicycle riders are a common sight. Hundreds of bicyclists commute every single day, sharing roads with cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicles. Unfortunately, this close proximity often results in bicycle-auto accidents for residents of Issaquah. Knowing an Issaquah attorney can help with the medical cost and lighten the emotional toll after a pedestrian accident.

Bicycle riders wear very little to no protective gear to keep them safe in the event of a collision. Given that most cyclists only wear a helmet, it’s no surprise that the injuries suffered as a result of the accident can be serious or even fatal.

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Possible Injuries Due to Bicycle Accidents in Issaquah

There are many factors that influence bicycle-auto accidents. The most common are:

  • Defective roadway conditions
  • Motorists driving in the bike lane
  • Motorists failing to yield to bicycles in crosswalks
  • Drivers failing to see a bicycle when turning
  • People running red lights or speeding
  • Defective bicycle components

Bicyclists who are involved in auto collisions are usually blamed for the accident, rather than the car driver. However, it’s more common for the motorist to be at fault, rather than the cyclist.

At The Jones Firm, our lead bicycle accident attorney Dax Jones does everything in his power to make victims feel confident that their case is being handled with the utmost care and professionalism. He has the ability to sniff out the facts that injured victims have trouble finding. This allows us to reveal an accurate and truthful story, holding the accountable party responsible for any damages caused by the accident.

Dax Jones obtains medical records, pictures, videos, interviews with eyewitnesses, investigates the scene of the accident, and evaluates every single detail in order to get the most monetary compensation for his clients.

Common Injuries Due to Auto-Bicyclist Accidents

The Jones Firm has more than 10 years of experience helping injured bicycle-auto victims receive their full compensation. We have seen thousands of injuries that came as a result of auto-cyclist collisions. The most common include:

  • Broken limbs
  • Brain injuries
  • Injuries to the head
  • Spinal injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Severed limbs
  • Road rash
  • Infections due to injuries
  • Death

What Can I Do If I’m a Cyclist Injured in an Auto Accident?

Contrary to popular belief, cyclists who are injured in an auto collision have many options they can pursue in order to receive compensation for their personal injury claim. Note that in the case the cyclists are responsible for causing the accident, they will not be eligible for medical compensation.

However, if cyclists are not responsible for the accident, they can then seek compensation for all losses that resulted from the injury. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common scenarios in Issaquah:

1st Scenario: The responsible driver has PIP on his insurance policy.

If the driver that is responsible for the accident has auto insurance that includes personal injury protection (PIP), then the injured cyclists can access that policy in order to claim monetary losses and medical bills that came as a result of the accident.

2nd Scenario: The responsible driver does not have PIP, but the injured cyclist has PIP or uninsured motorist coverage on their insurance.

In the case that the responsible driver does not have PIP, but the injured cyclist has PIP or uninsured motorist coverage on his insurance, they can file a claim through their own policy. This will provide the injured cyclist with the coverage they need to cover medical bills, general damages, and losses due to the collision.

3rd Scenario: Neither the responsible driver or the cyclist have PIP or uninsured motorist coverage, but the cyclist has health insurance.

In case both the responsible driver and the cyclist lack PIP or uninsured motorist coverage, but the cyclist has health insurance, he will be able to access this policy to cover hospital bills and other medical expenses due to the accident.

4th Scenario: The responsible driver does not have PIP, and the cyclist does not have uninsured motorist coverage or health insurance.

Uninsured motorist coverage and PIP are both elective options for your insurance policy. If both the responsible driver and the motorist lack PIP or uninsured motorist coverage, and the cyclist does not have health insurance, they will have to cover all expenses out of pocket. Unfortunately, in this case there will be no party with whom you can file a personal injury claim with.

Finding a Trustworthy Personal Injury Attorney in Issaquah

There are thousands of cases each year where individuals fail to receive the fair compensation they need in order to make a fast recovery. These are often due to misconceptions and unwarranted fears. We have handled thousands of bicycle accident claims, and we have encountered a number of unwarranted fears. The most common are:

  1. Fear of Being Negatively Perceived: Many victims feel like filing a personal injury claim will give them a bad image, and that it will appear as if they are trying to “finagle” the system or extort money. This usually stops individuals from filing their personal injury claims, even if the injuries warrant it. On the other hand, others may be concerned that filing a bicycle accident personal injury claim will make them look weak, especially if they are used to biting the bullet when it comes to discomfort and pain. Unfortunately for them, this usually results in long-term injury and permanent damage that could have been avoided. Rather than appearing weak or malicious, the wisest thing to do is to seek medical attention as soon as you are involved in a collision.
  1. Afraid the Process Requires Too Much Time and Energy: This fear may be understandable if you are planning on handling your personal injury claim yourself. However, if you choose to work with a team of experienced attorneys in Issaquah, like The Jones Firm, we will handle all communications between the insurance companies, doctors, and other parties for our clients. In addition, we also take care of all phone calls, paperwork, procedures, and other processes necessary to file your claim. The best part about working with The Jones Firm is that you will receive considerably more monetary compensation than if you handled your case alone, while you still have all the time to focus on making a full recovery.
  1. Fear that a Personal Injury Claim Will Put Them on a ‘Watch List’ for Insurance Companies: Cyclists who are not responsible for causing the accident will not suffer any unfairly-raised insurance rates. After all, insurance companies understand that accidents happen every now and then, so individuals who are not at fault will not be affected at all.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Issaquah Today

With more than 10 years of experience helping residents of Issaquah, Dax Jones can help victims and their families through the tough times that follow a bicycle-auto accident. His sole mission is to relieve all the stress of the legal process so that injured individuals can concentrate on making a fast recovery. Dax will handle all document deadlines, phone calls, investigations, and other tasks to get the best result for your bicycle-auto accident.

If you are victimized by an auto-bicyclist accident in Issaquah, contact The Jones Firm today. Our team of professional attorneys provides legal representation for all bicycle accident victims in Issaquah and surrounding areas. Our initial consultation is not limited to half an hour like most other law firms, and Dax meets our clients whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties. Contact us by filling out our online contact form. Get in touch with us now!

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