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Whether you reside in Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, or any other area of King County, WA, you know that bicycle riding is widely prevalent as a recreational activity and a means of transportation. One thing that is a guarantee when putting motor vehicles of all kinds, including passenger cars and big trucks, on the same roadways as bicyclists, is serious bicycle accidents, leaving seriously injured bicycle riders. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries due to a bicycle accident, then hiring the right King County bicycle accident injury attorney should be your next step, if for no other reason than a free consultation to learn and weigh your legal options. Dax Jones, the personal injury attorney at The Jones Firm, will use his expertise and experience to ensure you receive the most competent legal representation while you try to get financial justice for yourself and your family. Call Dax now at 425-256-2351.


What are My Rights While Riding a Bike?

We all walk around town with the belief that just about 100% of the time pedestrians have the right of way, no matter the circumstance. However, bike riders have many specific laws, because they are not considered pedestrians. For example, there are laws regarding bicycle helmets, sharing the road with motor vehicles, and riding at night, among others, so getting informed by an experienced bicycle accident lawyer as to your rights and legal options could be a wise next step if you have been seriously injured in a bike accident in King County, WA.


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Bicycle Helmet Laws and Traumatic Brain Injuries

No matter how much you ride your bicycle around town whether it be how you get to work, how you exercise, or how you spend some of your recreational activity, wearing a helmet is the law, and it can prevent more serious injuries if you are in a collision with a motor vehicle. That being said, many bike-riding accidents result in major, devastating traumatic brain injuries, even with a protective helmet on by the measure of the law. If you or a loved one is suffering from a traumatic brain injury suffered in a bicycle accident, please contact The Jones Firm now to learn how you might be able to hold the liable party or parties accountable with a fair financial settlement.


Sharing the Road and Getting Hit by a Car or Truck

If you ride your bicycle regularly and consider yourself a daily rider or you’re just a casual bike rider, you are at risk of getting hit by a car or truck when sharing the road with those types of motor vehicles. Although intersections make up a small part of a bike rider’s time on the road, they are most definitely the most dangerous spots for a bicycle rider. Many car and truck drivers simply don’t make it a regular part of their driving routine to look out for bike riders, unless you are alongside them and going in the same direction. Regardless, the physical and emotional damage, after getting hit by a car or truck when sharing the road, can be life-changing for you and your family, depending on the severity of your injuries. Contact an experienced bicycle accident attorney in King County, WA, to find out what sort of legal action can be taken to provide financial justice for you.


Riding at Night and Vehicle-Related Accidents

Everybody knows, especially bike riders themselves, that riding your bike on the same roadways as motor vehicles is dangerous, to say the least. The good thing is that the overall number of bicycle accidents has decreased slightly, yet the troubling statistic is that the number of bicycle accident fatalities has risen. Most bicycle accidents, whether they involve a fatality or merely a serious injury, comparatively, occur at night, as it is much more difficult for car and truck drivers to see cyclists on the road. Securing smart legal counsel and learning your options could be your next best move.


Getting Hit While in a Bicycle Lane

If you’re a driver on the road, then you have probably been annoyed at one time or another by a bike rider going in and out of the bike lane. Bikers should know, but not all do, that there are certain circumstances when it is legal for a bike rider to maneuver out of the bike lane, such as avoiding debris, keeping up with the flow of traffic, the lane is too narrow to share with passing vehicles safely, among others. The point is that discussing your particular accident and injuries with a bicycle accident attorney will allow you to learn whether or not you have a legitimate claim if you were hit by a car or truck while riding your bike in the bike lane or thereabouts.


Attorneys who Handle Severe Bicycle Accident Injuries in King County, WA

Riding your bike is a super convenient form of transportation, but it is also a super dangerous manner of transportation, especially when sharing the road with all sorts of motor vehicles that can weigh anywhere from a couple of tons to a dozen tons, making any bike rider a sitting duck if a collision occurs. The overwhelming result when this happens is a severe injury to the bike rider, so if you’re seeking an attorney who handles severe bicycle accident injuries in King County, WA, reaching out directly to Dax Jones, a top American lawyer, could be a valuable step in determining how you and your family should move forward with your goal to get financial justice from the liable party or parties.


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Scheduling a free consultation with a King County bicycle accident injury lawyer is as easy as calling The Jones Firm at 425-256-2351 and asking for a meeting with Dax Jones, the law firm’s personal injury attorney. During that meeting, you, your family, if desired, and Mr. Jones will talk about the specifics of your bicycle accident, as well as the details of your serious injuries. After all the information necessary has been gathered, he will determine whether or not a legitimate personal injury case can be filed on your behalf. If yes, Dax will then share with you his strategy for winning a deserved and proper financial settlement from those responsible. Call us now to get on the right track with your case.


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