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Construction Accident Injury Attorneys King County

We live in a society where construction projects are in abundance, which means that on any given day there are countless construction sites with countless construction workers. The law of averages dictates that sometimes accidents will occur, whether it be due to equipment defects and malfunctions or human error, carelessness and negligence. If you have suffered serious injuries on a construction site, calling Dax Jones at 425-256-2351 should be your immediate next step. He is the King County construction accident injury attorney who will fight of your financial rights and do everything in his legal power to make those responsible pay properly. Reach out to The Jones Firm for your legal needs and the compassion that you and your family are seeking.


Getting Hurt on the Job and When to Turn to an Attorney for Help

There are few situations to find yourself in that upend your life more than getting seriously injured while doing your level best to work hard on the job and for your employer. Unfortunately, construction site mishaps take place and are usually quite unforeseen. Knowing when to bring a competent lawyer into the scenario can be key to how your personal injury claims process plays out for you and your family. The bottom line is that construction site accidents will usually involve big corporations and big insurance companies, so securing the right and experienced legal counsel is your next best move if you want a favorable outcome that is fair and appropriate.


Why Dax Jones?

When searching for the best King County construction accident injury attorney for you and your particular situation, you might want to consider the lawyer’s case history and accreditations when choosing the legal representation that will hopefully lead your case down a winning path. Dax Jones is a Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney, according to Super Lawyers, and he will utilize the vast experience and legal skills to give you and your family the best chance at holding the liable party or parties financially accountable to the fullest extent of the law. He and his caring staff will show you and your loved ones the sincere compassion you deserve during this incredibly tragic time. Be sure to contact The Jones Firm for all your legal needs after a serious accident on the job to handle your worker’s compensation claim or your personal injury lawsuit.


Workers Compensation Claim or a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If your life has been turned upside down and inside out due to a horrific injury while at work, whether it be on a construction site or another job location, hiring a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney to take on the stress and strategy for your workers compensation claim or your personal injury lawsuit could very well be the most important decision you make. It is hugely imperative that you consult with an attorney who knows which type of claim is best suited for your situation, as there are a couple of distinct differences between a worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit.


Types of Construction Accident Injuries We Represent

Personal injury cases are all sad and unfortunate to a certain extent. However, construction accident injuries tend to be severe in nature, because of the various obvious dangers that just about any construction site will present. No matter the type of construction accident that led you here, whether you were seriously injured in a crane accident, a big rig wreck or a scaffolding fall, The Jones Firm will know how to file and navigate your complex claim for you and your family for the sole purpose of getting you the biggest settlement possible.


Crane Accidents

According to Construction Dive, recent crane accidents that resulted in deaths have prompted new crane safety regulations. That’s good news, of course, but the fact that it takes the deaths of hard-working innocent construction workers to induce productive change is troubling. Nevertheless, crane accidents will still occur on some level, so choosing the right personal injury and construction accident attorney in King County is a choice you might want to consider seriously, because the future financial security for you and your family may be in the balance.


Big Rig Wrecks

You may not think of big rig wrecks when discussing construction site accidents and tragedies. Think again, because there are all sorts of horrific big rig wrecks on construction sites on an almost daily basis. The level of damage that is caused in many of these nasty, big construction truck spills and flips leaves many victims and their families scrambling for competent legal representation. Connecting with the right construction accident attorney could be your smartest next decision for you and your loved ones.


Scaffolding Falls

Believe it or not, well over two million construction workers, which makes up well over 60% of all construction workers, work at some point on a scaffold. Scaffold mishaps and malfunctions lead to approximately 60 deaths annually while causing an incredible 4500 injuries each year. Those numbers are nothing to dismiss, and the injuries are usually quite serious and life-altering. Finding out your legal options if you or a loved one has been the victim of a horrible scaffolding accident is crucial to ensure that you are in good legal hands and your case will be managed by a truly professional attorney who knows how to deal with these types of complex claims.


Severe or Fatal Injuries

It’s no secret that severe and sometimes fatal injuries are the result of construction site accidents and negligence. It, sadly, will always be a risk that all construction workers take when choosing that type of career. The various construction accident causes and construction accident injuries that rip families apart, both emotionally and financially, are simply heart-breaking. If you or a family member has suffered a severe or fatal injury due to a construction accident, please seek out an experienced personal injury lawyer to make sure that your financial rights are fought for to the maximum level possible.


Schedule a Free Consultation with a King County Construction Accident Attorney

When looking for the best King County construction accident attorney, it is essential for you and your family to have legal counsel that will not only provide the most skilled and competent decisions on behalf of your best interests but also show you and your loved ones the much-deserved care and compassion during this brutal time. The Jones Firm, headed by a personal injury attorney, Dax Jones, is offering you a free consultation, where the details of your accident and injuries will be thoroughly discussed and a strategy will be determined to net you and your family the biggest settlement that the law will allow. Call us now at 425-256-2351 to schedule your free consultation and get on the right track.


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