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Truck Accident Attorney in King County, WA

Injuries resulting from truck accidents are usually some of the most serious and damaging on our roadways. If you have been the victim of a serious truck accident, hiring a King County truck accident attorney who has the experience of going up against big corporations and big insurance companies, never mind dealing with the complications that oftentimes accompany a truck accident claim, will be your next best step. Dax Jones of The Jones Firm is just that type of qualified truck accident attorney you and your family are seeking. He has a perfect 10 AVVO rating and will fight for your financial rights as if you were his own family. Mr. Jones takes immense pride in achieving major financial justice for his clients from the liable party or parties.


Complications with Truck and 18-Wheeler Injury Claims

If we had our choice, obviously, we would never want to experience such a horrific accident that comes along with a truck or 18-wheeler collision. However, if that unfortunate day has come for you or a loved one, then it’s in your best interest to deal with it in a way that has a chance for a favorable outcome under the devastating circumstances. That means choosing the right truck accident attorney in King County to represent your legal needs and take the necessary steps to attain financial justice to the maximum extent that the law will allow. Complications, such as filing a large injury settlement, negotiating with insurance companies and battling against big corporations, are what make it imperative to let a seasoned and skilled truck accident attorney lead your legal charge for you to hold the liable party or parties financially accountable.


Filing a Large Injury Settlement

You may not be aware of the millions, yes, I wrote millions, of personal injury claims that are filed each year in this country. Due to this almost incomprehensible number, and unlike the average injury settlement, it tends to be the large injury settlement claims that have the most factors and components involved. The stress of taking on such a daunting task is simply better left to a legal professional with the know-how to navigate the opposition, who is undoubtedly making every effort to avoid a big payday to you and your family. Do yourself and your family a valuable favor by bringing an experienced attorney into your legal mix to lead your case to a satisfactory financial completion.


Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Let us try to put the process of filing a personal injury claim into perspective. If you think that it could be stressful and complicated to file all the in-depth paperwork required to properly submit a claim for a complex truck accident, involving the serious injuries that you or your loved one has suffered, just imagine how straining it will be to battle against a highly experienced insurance company to get fair financial justice when they will use any trick in their arsenal to lessen their liability and their settlement amount. Even if you have some basic tips on how to negotiate with an insurance company, trust me when I tell you that twists and turns often creep up, so securing competent legal counsel to carry you through the arduous process of a truck accident injury claim could very well be the best decision you ever make.


Going up Against Big Corporations

Filing a truck accident personal injury claim that involves a big corporation that you believe is liable can be too much for the average person to manage, and there’s no shame in that. Big corporations take pleasure in squashing the “little guy” any chance they get. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident, then you can count on a big corporation battle when trying your best to negotiate the settlement you believe that you deserve. Ultimately, hiring an experienced truck accident attorney in King County will most likely give you the best chance to hold the big corporation that has been deemed liable accountable to the fullest extent of the law.


Commercial Trucking Laws can be Tricky

When it comes to filing a personal injury claim against a big corporation after suffering serious injuries in a nasty trucking accident, it’s crucial to have some awareness of truck accident law, as it includes factors that are not in play with the run-of-the-mill car accidents. Whether the laws that may have been violated in your particular accident relate to commercial license issues, driver rest issues, truck weight limitations, among others, with UPS, FedEx, etc., you might want to consider choosing the right truck accident attorney who you can count on not to miss any detail, no matter how small, that can lead your case to the desired financial conclusion.


UPS Accidents

It’s bad enough if you’ve been the victim of a major truck accident, yet there’s a whole other layer to battling for your deserved financial justice when going up against an insurance company that represents a mammoth corporation like UPS (United Parcel Service). UPS executives and their high-powered insurance companies are extensively versed in dealing with personal injury claims filed by average citizens. That being said, having an experienced commercial truck accident lawyer in your legal corner fighting for your financial rights just might be your best move under tragic circumstances.


FedEx Truck Crashes

Quite similar to the challenging fight necessary to win a proper settlement from UPS, FedEx, also a monster international commercial company, will do all they can, via their heartless insurance companies, to short-change your due and fair financial settlement, no matter how devastating or catastrophic your injuries might be. Dax Jones is a top American commercial truck accident lawyer in King County, WA, and he will use all of this vast experience to make sure that you and your family receive the highest compensation possible.


Commercial Vehicle Wrecks

Now that you know that any cause of a commercial vehicle wreck, whether it involves other trucks or regular passenger vehicles, and whether they’re caused by lack of sleep, unrealistic distance expectations, or a mechanical malfunction, will involve specific commercial truck laws and the necessary knowledge of them to determine if a personal injury claim can be filed on your behalf. Either way, a solid, skilled attorney can make all the difference for you and your family during this difficult time when it comes to the settlement you win.


Why Turn to a Personal Injury Attorney After a Truck Accident?

Countless vehicle-related personal injury claims are filed every day, but truck accident claims can be unbelievably tragic and life-altering, as well as involve highly complex cases that can have many victims and multiple liable parties. Trying to take on a huge trucking company and their big insurance companies alone is like a nice kitty cat taking on Godzilla; there’s genuine decency on one side and no mercy on the other. Adding in the factor of legal knowledge and experience and it’s a lopsided match. Throw a truck accident attorney into the personal injury claims ring who can provide you with the much-needed benefits of his/her expertise fighting big trucking and insurance companies, and now it’s a fair match.


Get Paid Quickly

More than 2.5 million Americans find themselves in the hospital every year due to vehicle accidents, including truck accidents. One of the main benefits and reasons why turning to a personal injury attorney in King County, WA, after a truck accident is his/her ability to win you a quick settlement payout, if necessary. A seasoned and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, even though making it a priority to get you paid quickly, will still make every legal effort afforded by the law to also get you the maximum compensation you deserve.


No Fees Unless You Win

In the vast majority of legal cases, the lawyer charges for his/her time at every step of the legal process for which they have been hired. In contrast, Dax Jones and The Jones Firm will not charge you a penny for costs or fees unless your case nets a financial settlement for your injuries and pain and suffering. The bottom line is that you have nothing to lose by consulting with a King County truck accident attorney to determine if your personal injury claim has merit. Be smart and consider taking the time to make what may be the most important decision of your life, hiring experienced legal representation to protect your financial rights after your tragic, life-changing injury case.


Allowing Yourself Time to Heal

The effects on you and your family after being the victim of a horrible truck accident and the brutal injuries resulting from it can leave you physically and emotionally debilitated for an indefinite time moving forward, if not permanently. Your natural focus turns to an unrelenting goal to make those responsible pays for their negligence, yet you also desperately need to allow yourself time to heal, both physically and mentally. A personal injury case timeline can vary drastically, so letting an intelligent, tenacious personal injury attorney handle all the stress of your truck accident injury claim for you will give you the necessary time you need to recover properly.


Schedule a Free Consultation with a Truck Accident Lawyer in King County, WA

In closing, truck accident personal injury cases can be awfully complex and complicated, involving big corporations and big insurance companies that the average person is simply not equipped to combat. Schedule a free consultation with a truck accident lawyer in King County, WA, to ensure you and your family will not be taken advantage of during this incomprehensibly traumatic time. Call Dax Jones now at 425-256-2351 for your free consultation, where Mr. Jones will listen to the details of your accident and the extent of your injuries in order to determine the best strategy to get you financial justice for the liable party or parties.


King County Truck Accident Attorneys
King County Truck Accident Attorneys


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