King County Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys King County

Personal injury cases involving pedestrians can be quite complex and messy, whether it be trying to prove liability and who is at fault or trying to determine the level of settlement that correlates realistically to your particular pedestrian accident case or even trying to decide if you need an attorney in Kink County, WA. It’s the usual trend that the more serious the injury, the bigger the settlement should be. However, all types of pedestrian accident claims can be tricky to navigate and require the expertise of an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in King County, WA. The Jones Firm has a track record of success with different types of tragic pedestrian accident cases, so you will be in competent hands choosing them to manage your case.

Pedestrian Rights in Washington State and What to do After an Injury

I know that we all think that pedestrians ALWAYS have the right way on the streets. It is important to know what the pedestrian laws are in the state of Washington. Ultimately, every case and incident are different, but being aware of your pedestrian rights and knowing what to do if you’re the victim of a pedestrian accident can be key in how your case unfolds. If you have been hit by a car while jogging, it is imperative that you get immediate medical attention for your injuries, then decide a course of action. This will usually involve securing the legal expertise of a skilled attorney and can be the most important decision you make.

Hit by a car while jogging in King County, WA

If you or a loved one has been hit by a car while jogging in King County, WA, then there are certain crucial steps to take, such as staying calm, keeping the driver there, if possible, and, of course, calling the police and seeking medical attention. There are fewer stressful times in one’s life than being the helpless victim of a pedestrian accident when struck by a car, so it is critical to choose the right attorney to represent your best interests and show you the compassion and intense protection of your rights that you deserve.

Runners and Sharing the Road

Although it is always tricky and dangerous when sharing the road with motor vehicles, such as cars, SUV’s, trucks, big trucks and even bigger trucks, you need to know that you have rights and that there are basic guidelines and rules when sharing the road as a runner and a driver. Regardless of your knowledge and how much experience you may or may not have running and jogging on the road with cars, your space is protected, so be sure to hire an experienced attorney to protect your rights if you have been seriously injured in a pedestrian accident.

King County Crosswalk Accident Injury Lawyers

Trying to find a competent crosswalk accident injury lawyer in King County, WA can be time-consuming, as it’s not your most common type of case. You want to choose a lawyer with experience dealing with the type of injury that you suffered, so they can handle your complex claim and win you the settlement that you deserve. Whether your serious personal injury involves broken bones, a  head injury, spinal cord damage, etc., and if you’re not sure exactly what to do immediately after and during the aftermath of being hit as a pedestrian and seriously injured, Dax Jones will relentlessly represent you to the fullest extent of law because he knows what your rights are as a pedestrian.

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Being a law firm that can truly help you in your desperate time of need, due to our experience with clients who have suffered horrible personal injuries as a result of being hit by a car as a pedestrian, The Jones Firm is the most devoted, committed and compassionate law firm offering legal services in King County, WA. We will fight, then fight some more for your financial rights and secure you the highest possible settlement. Plus, we know how to deal with big corporations and big insurance companies. During your free consultation, we will answer any questions you have, show you sincere compassion and decide the best way to conquer your case. Call now for a free consultation.

King County Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

King County Pedestrian Accident Attorneys