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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Seattle, WA

The pedestrians of Seattle must share our busy streets with many others. Buses, taxis, cars, trucks, and motorcycles — many of which are being operated by distracted or harried drivers. Many drivers are unaware of or don’t understand all of the laws that govern interactions between vehicles and pedestrians, and some drivers are simply careless.


But then, many pedestrians also fail to observe the laws that protect them from an auto-pedestrian accident. The right-of-way at crosswalks, stoplights, and even stop signs are often misunderstood. Many of the accidents resulting from these mistakes can cause severe injuries. They can even be deadly.

Dax Jones is an experienced auto-pedestrian accident attorney who has spent years representing injured individuals in Seattle, Bellevue, and other areas of Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties. His one-on-one attention and careful management of his clients’ claims has made him a respected member of his field, as well as an attorney well-appreciated by his clients.


Who is considered a pedestrian?

According to the legal definition, a pedestrian may include walkers, joggers, cyclists, and skateboarders. Anyone operating or travelling in anything other than a motorized vehicle may be considered a pedestrian. All are equally eligible for personal injury claims.


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As an injured pedestrian, what are my options?

Many falsely believe that when injured as a pedestrian, their only option for medical coverage for their injuries is through their personal health insurance plan. This is in fact, not true. There are several options available to people that have been injured as a pedestrian in the Seattle area.

Option 1: The pedestrian may obtain PIP through the driver’s car insurance policy:

If the driver involved in your auto-pedestrian accident has a car insurance plan that includes personal injury protection coverage (PIP), you will be able to access that policy for the monetary compensation necessary for the treatment of your injuries and any other damages you have sustained due to the accident.

Option 2: The pedestrian may use their own PIP or uninsured motorist coverage through their own car insurance (if the driver does not have PIP on his car insurance policy.)

If the driver involved in the accident does not have PIP, the injured pedestrian may seek coverage through their own car insurance policy. This option is only available for those who have the elective uninsured motorist coverage or PIP coverage (or both).

Option 3: Neither you nor the driver have the necessary elective car insurance policy coverages, but the injured pedestrian has health insurance.

If neither the pedestrian nor the driver have elected to add the PIP coverage to their car insurance, and the pedestrian does not have uninsured motorist coverage then the pedestrian will have to seek medical coverage from their personal health insurance policy to cover the medical treatments.

Option 4: The driver nor the pedestrian have the necessary car insurance or health insurance policies.

Both PIP and uninsured motorist coverage are elective options for a car insurance policy. Because of this, it is possible, albeit rare, that there is no coverage through a car insurance policy. If this occurs and the injured pedestrian also does not have a health insurance policy, then the pedestrian will have no party with whom to file their claim. In this scenario, the only option is for the pedestrian to cover all of their medical expenses themselves.


Don’t Be Afraid of a Personal Injury Claim

We have found that many injured individuals fail to receive the monetary compensation they need for the costs incurred by their injuries because they are afraid of the personal injury claims process. Some of the most common fears are that the injured party will have to go to court, that the legal system is too complex, that an attorney’s fees are too expensive, or that they will have to handle too many phone calls and paperwork.

In reality, these fears are overwhelmingly unfounded. Our clients are protected from the complexities of the legal system by our attorneys, who handle all of the paperwork, forms, and phone calls on their behalf.

Injured pedestrians that choose to work with an attorney rather than handling the claim themselves consistently find that they receive far greater returns than those who choose to file the claim on their own, even after attorneys fees are paid in full.

Some also choose to avoid a personal injury claim altogether, disregarding their injuries as minor. Unfortunately, accidents may often result in injuries that are not immediately apparent, or require diagnosis from an experienced medical doctor. This results in long term medical expenses that must be paid out of the injured party’s pocket, rather than being covered by a personal injury claim, paid by an insurance company.


Ensuring our clients are taken care of:

Dax Jones has more than 10 years of experience as a Seattle pedestrian accident attorney. He enjoys being support and asset for victims and their families throughout the claims process, and he considers it his mission to obtain the best and most fair results for his clients.

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