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The Jones Firm is dedicated to helping our Seattle residents with a wide range of personal injury and vehicle-related cases. Our legal services, which extend throughout Snohomish, King, Pierce, and Skagit counties, are available for everyone that qualifies for a personal injury claim, and our first consultation to determine this is entirely free.

Our lead attorney, Dax Jones, is happy to travel to meet with injured clients in their homes or in other locations, such as medical care facilities or hospitals. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with experienced legal assistance, as well as compassionate advice on how to navigate themselves back into a normal routine as they recover. Our specialized legal skills and many years of service have made us a well-respected law firm in the Seattle area.

Read about our various areas of legal services below:

Personal Injury Attorneys:

The Jones Firm has extensive knowledge of the legal processes involved in personal injury cases. Dax Jones has worked with a variety of personal injury cases in Seattle, including those due to auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, construction accidents, and wrongful death. Common injuries include whiplash, strained muscles, brain trauma, burns, and other significant injuries.

The Jones Firm has a large network of medical doctors, physical therapists, neurologists, and other specialists in the Seattle area to help ensure that you receive professional and transparent care for your injuries. These providers are all third parties, and they are committed to the trustworthy representation of their patients in order to help them substantiate their claims.

Dax Jones, your personal injury attorney, will represent and submit your personal injury claim, interface with the physicians and insurance companies, as well as thoroughly investigate your case.

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Auto Accident Attorneys:

The Jones Firm has extensive experience in auto accident cases, as this is the most frequent cause of their personal injury cases. Dax Jones handles auto accident cases throughout the Seattle area, including Snohomish, King, Pierce, and Skagit counties. His work in auto accident cases has made him well-known throughout the area as a trustworthy and skilled auto accident attorney.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys:

Pedestrian accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence in the Seattle area. Walkers, joggers, and bicyclists are common victims of personal injury as they share busy streets and rural highways with vehicles of every size. These trucks, cars, buses, and even motorcycles can cause severe damage to a pedestrian, even at low speeds.

Dax Jones has spent years helping victims and their families through the difficult process that is an auto-pedestrian accident. His one-on-one attention to his clients helps him to be a great asset to the family, as well as an excellent attorney that pushes for success in every case.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys:

Our city of Seattle and the surrounding areas have a strong population of bicyclists, and our government tries to focus on protecting them. Unfortunately, accidents still occur, usually due to negligent drivers that fail to spot or yield to a bicyclist or follow the appropriate traffic laws governing their interaction. The Jones Firm has extensive experience in handling this specific type of pedestrian-auto accident and can provide injured bicyclists with the monetary compensation needed to cover property damages and medical expenses.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys:

Despite the views that many lawyers and jury members ascribe to, Dax Jones knows that most motorcycle accidents are usually not the fault of the motorcyclist, but rather, they are often the fault of the other drivers on the road. His experience with auto-motorcycle accidents in the Seattle area has shown that oftentimes vehicles fail to give motorcyclists adequate space on the roadways or fail to spot the riders. Because the motorcycle is a smaller vehicle and does not afford much protection, the motorcyclist almost always comes out of these accidents with the most serious injuries.

The Jones Firm pays special attention to gathering substantial evidence, both physical and from interviewing witnesses, to establish that his client was not at-fault in the accident. Dax Jones, our lead motorcycle accident attorney, also works to provide full compensation for any lost wages, medical expenses, property damages, as well as pain and suffering for his clients in the Seattle area.

Commercial Trucking Accident Attorneys:

Because of the size and speed of trucks, most trucking accidents that occur in the Seattle area are extremely serious. Any cars or smaller vehicles involved usually sustain far greater damage than the truck itself.

For those injured in one of these devastating collisions, The Jones Firm offers its extensive experience in trucking accidents. Because most trucking companies have substantial legal and monetary resources, this field of injury law requires extensive research and highly specialized knowledge of trucking and personal injury laws. Dax Jones of The Jones Firm has vast experience in this area and can navigate these confusing legal waters.

Wrongful Death Attorneys:

Wrongful death attorney Dax Jones helps families that are suffering through the grief of losing a loved one find the compensation they need. He has over ten years of experience in working with wrongful death claims, and his skills, compassion, and success rate have made him well-known throughout the Seattle area. He helps families pursue the necessary actions to obtain compensation for economic damages, lost future earnings, non-economic damages, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, and punitive damages.

If you feel that you or a loved one may qualify for a wrongful death claim, it is important to file the wrongful death action within a set period of time following the death. Any delay can remove or reduce your chances of a successful case. Contact Seattle wrongful death attorney Dax Jones to discover if you qualify.

Construction Accident Attorneys:

These claims can be difficult to handle. Washington laws prohibit workers from suing their employees, as all claims against employers should be paid through workers’ compensation. However, injured workers can recover compensation for damages from a third party. Some examples of cases that may qualify would be injuries sustained due to hazardous conditions created by general contractors, sub-contractors, or architects.

The Jones Firm has successfully represented many injured workers or individuals in the Seattle area that filed a personal injury claim due to construction accidents.

Highway Design Defect Accident Attorneys:

A defect in the design of a highway can have catastrophic results. Poorly constructed or carelessly designed roads can cause many issues, such as improper road drainage or pooled water, potholes, uneven pavement, or buckling. Other mistakes, such as failure to provide traffic signals or signs, lack of guardrails, or failure to warn of road hazards, can also be a cause of an auto accident.

As may be expected, there are many complexities in handling a case in which a government is being held responsible. Dax Jones, our Seattle highway defect attorney, is adroit in his methods of bringing a case against those responsible for the highway defect, obtaining successful results for his clients.

Traffic Citation Attorneys:

Receiving a traffic citation can be a serious and costly affair, and it may even result in the grave, long-term consequences, such as lost driving privileges or raised insurance rates.

Common citations that The Jones Firms handles in the Seattle area include speeding, careless or negligent driving, failure to stop, and reckless driving. Seattle traffic law attorney Dax Jones helps individuals keep their driving records clean by taking their citations to court. Many of his cases result in dismissed or reduced charges.

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