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Personal Injury Attorney in Redmond, WA

If you fall victim to a bike, car, pedestrian, or any type of personal injury accident in Redmond, rest assured The Jones Firm is the best firm to call. We are based out of Bellevue, Washington, and serve all of King County, including Redmond. Dax Jones provides Redmond Attorney Services to those who have been injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault.


More Than 10 Years of Court Experience

Dax Jones has more than 10 years as a personal injury attorney in Redmond. He will work closely with you to gather all the information he needs to win the case. The Jones Firm works side-by-side with vocational experts and understands all the implications of the accident and its causes. Dax Jones has a proven record of success in both the courtroom and at the negotiation table, and has achieved it by using factual proof and hiring reputable experts.


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Putting Together a Strong Personal Injury Case

The goal is not only to win the case, but also to build a strong personal injury claim that obtains full compensation for any emotional and physical trauma that occurred from the accident. Dax Jones believes his clients should be informed throughout every step of the process, and so makes himself available for clients at all times.


What You May Be Entitled To:

Being involved in an accident can be overwhelming. Expenses start piling up, and we are often forced to take time off work, pay medical bills, buy a new bike or car, and so on. If you are victim of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Some of the costs include:

  • Vehicle/property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and inability to work


Claiming Full Compensation for Your Personal Injury

The Jones Firm understands the emotional, physical and financial woes sustained as a result of a serious personal injury. Our goal is to ensure you receive full compensation for all present and future pain, medical bills, lost wages, suffering or loss due to the accident. Once all the claims have been put together, Dax Jones will negotiate a just and fair deal with insurance companies.


Although not all court cases go to trial, Dax Jones treats every case as though it will, in order to be fully prepared. From the moment Dax starts working for a new client, he starts building a successful case for that trial. He has a proven success record in the courtroom and works with a number of professionals to make sure all the facts and details are brought to light.


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Years of experience, aggressive techniques, and passion for his clients are some of the attributes that enable Dax Jones to successfully pursue a personal injury case. If you’re a victim of a personal injury in the Redmond area, book a free consultation with Dax Jones, a personal injury attorney. Call us today or fill out one of our online contact forms now!


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