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Highway Design Defect Lawyer in North Bend, WA

Are North Bend highway design defects to blame for your accident?

While drivers are to blame for the majority of vehicle accidents in North Bend, sometimes damaged streets or poorly designed roadways in North Bend are the culprits of collisions and injuries.

If involved in an accident or had property destroyed by highway design defect then hire a North Bend attorney.


Highway Design Defect Attorney Serves North Bend

Highway design defect attorney, Dax Jones, understands the intricacies of proving that defects in highway design have resulted in accidents, and he knows how to pursue the government agencies responsible for not correcting these design flaws.

Identifying accident patterns that occur in the same location in North Bend is often the best way to discover highway design defects. When government agencies do not act to repair these defects in a timely fashion, they may be held liable for inaction.



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Examples of Defects Might Be:

  • Failure to post road hazard signs
  • Poor drainage resulting in standing water
  • Uneven pavement as well as potholes or cracks in the roadway
  • Poor or no placement of signs or lights
  • Lack of safety devices like guardrails


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Who is Responsible for Highway Design Defect Accidents?

Pursuing a lawsuit against an individual or company is substantially different than using a government agency. With unique and difficult filing requirements as well as a much shorter time limit to file a case, you will benefit from the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Attorney Dax Jones has the extensive record litigating cases against government agencies that you need in North Bend. Furthermore, his success rate in such cases proves Dax Jones knows how to defend families who have been the victim of highway accidents that lead to injury or death on North Bend highways.

In addition to government agencies, The Jones Firm will pursue lawsuits for highway defects against the following:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Engineers

Working with professional investigators, as well as accident reconstruction experts and expert highway engineers, Dax Jones has the experience and knowledge to pursue a case to completion and secure full compensation for his client.


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