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Personal injuries, regardless of cause, can be traumatic and life-changing events. While some personal injury accidents don’t result in complex life changes, others leave victims with permanent disabilities. The transition from your life before the accident to after can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining.

At The Jones Firm, we want to make this transition period as comfortable as possible. While we can’t heal your pain, we can support you every step of the way and help fight for the compensation you need. Let our Sammamish personal injury attorney help you find recourse for your or your loved one’s injuries with our professional legal services.


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Best Personal Injury Attorney At The Jones Firm


We help victims of personal injury, wrongful death, car accident injuries, and much more. Our personal accident lawyer, Dax Jones, is the founder and managing attorney of the firm. With his team of attorneys and legal assistants, he’s helped clients across Washington find the solace they’ve been searching for.

For Dax and everyone at The Jones Firm, it’s not about the money — it’s about our clients. We want to reduce your anxiety, minimize your stress, and soothe your suffering. When you’re ready to meet with a Sammamish personal injury attorney, give us a call, and Dax will meet you in person for a free legal consultation.


best personal injury attorney in sammamish


Types of Personal Injuries

A personal injury suit can exist for virtually any type of injury, as long as it has caused you pain and suffering in your daily life. At The Jones Firm, we’ve tackled thousands of different personal injury cases ranging from straightforward to highly complex. Some of the personal injury cases we cover include:


  •     Head and brain injuries, which can be incredibly traumatic and can cause permanent, life-altering complications
  •     Amputations, which can leave you with long-lasting phantom pain and the need for expensive prosthetics
  •     Burns that may leave you with lasting disfigurement and permanent nerve damage in the burned area
  •     Heart attacks, which can leave victims with everlasting heart and organ damage
  •     Organ damage, such as kidney and liver damage that can leave victims with painful internal bleeding or at the mercy of dialysis machines
  •     Loss of senses, leading to significant lifestyle changes and lifelong dependence on outside living assistance
  •     Chronic pain arising from nerve damage and other sources and may require lifelong treatment
  •     And more

Common Causes of Personal Accident Injury

Even though humans are incredibly resilient and robust, we’re not perfect. We’re more likely to injure ourselves in some ways more than others. At The Jones Firm, our Sammamish personal injury attorneys handle cases that fall into several common categories, but we’re always looking to expand our repertoire.

Slips and Falls Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents can have surprisingly severe ramifications and cause significant injury, especially in the elderly. If someone else is responsible for the slippery conditions that caused your fall, you may be in a solid position to seek compensation.

Sports-Related Injury

While some sports are more dangerous than others, any of them can be a potential source of lifelong hardship. Contact our legal team for advice if you believe someone else may be directly responsible for your injury.

Pedestrian Accident Personal Injuries

Even though we have laws and safety systems to protect pedestrians, sometimes the unthinkable happens. If you were injured by a distracted driver, a construction accident, or something else, we could help.

Car Accident and Auto Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries are common. If the party responsible does not have sufficient insurance coverage, it may be time to contact our personal accident attorneys for assistance.

Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident can be severe and life-changing. When you need a powerful legal ally to help you navigate recouping your losses, The Jones Firm is here to help.


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Sammamish Personal Injury Lawyer For Fair Compensation and Settlements

The compensation process for a personal injury case is anything but straightforward. In general, the court will use the evidence presented by your attorney to deduce how much restitution you’re owed — as such, having a dedicated and determined attorney on your side is essential to help you in your fight.


More variables go into determining this restitution than people realize. Your attorney will consider the other party’s negligence as well as your emotional pain, mental anguish, physical injuries, lost income, medical bills, and damage to your property when drafting your case.


However, some compensation can be challenging to quantify. Medical bills are easy to settle since they have a dollar amount attached to them, but what about emotional pain? On top of that, the other party will fight you every step of the way, and they may try to settle with you for less than what you need.


If you have a bill or loss due to the other party’s actions, it should be added to your case, whether it’s a quantifiable value or not. The knowledge of a professional Sammamish personal injury attorney is essential when navigating this complicated legal landscape.


Benefits of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

The benefits of hiring a personal injury accident attorney from The Jones Firm are numerous and clear. Unless you have experience in the courtroom, presenting your personal injury case is not easy. Not only do you need to gather evidence, show a strong case, negotiate your settlement, and win over the court, but you need to do all this after suffering a potentially serious injury.

You have enough affairs to get in order in your everyday life after an accident. Let the professionals at The Jones Firm handle the problematic legal aspect for you. We’re committed to helping you recover as fully as possible, both from a physical perspective and a financial one.


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