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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

The bigger issue of elder abuse includes more than nursing facility abuse. According to the NCOA, elder abuse affects as many as 5 million individuals annually.

According to a 2018 National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) research, residents of nursing homes are particularly susceptible to staff members and other residents’ abuse.

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The NCVC has broken down accusations of nursing home mistreatment as follows:

  • 29% – Physical Abuse
  • 22% – Abuse between residents (physical or sexual)
  • 7% – Sexual abuse; 
  • 21% – Psychological abuse
  • 7% – Financial exploitation
  • Neglect accounts for 15.3% of reports of elder abuse in nursing homes.

Elderly residents are respected in many nursing homes. Sadly, some nursing home staff members neglect to give elderly patients sufficient care. It is never acceptable to neglect to meet a nursing home resident’s basic needs.

What is Nursing Home Abuse?

Abuse at nursing homes is widespread in the US. In the same places where they should receive competent care, older persons suffer injuries, are neglected, and even pass away.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of families are impacted by elder abuse. The National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) recorded almost 10,000 complaints about elder abuse in care facilities in 2013 alone.

Nursing home abuse, in the words of the federal government, “includes the purposeful imposition of injury, inappropriate confinements, intimidation, or punishment with resulting physical hurt, pain, or mental distress.” Abuse at a nursing home refers to any hurt or injury done to an elderly person with the intent to inflict pain, suffering, or impairment.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When a patient is subjected to abuse or neglect in a nursing home facility, they should retain the services of a nursing home abuse attorney who can look into the situation, make guilty parties accountable for their conduct, and obtain compensation for their physical and mental suffering.

A nursing home attorney assists families of abuse and neglect victims in pursuing monetary compensation and justice. A nursing home lawyer streamlines the legal process and can improve your chances of getting paid.

A specialized personal injury lawyer focuses on nursing home abuse. These attorneys assist victims in bringing legal claims against organizations that are wrong nursing home residents.

One of the formally acknowledged forms of nursing home abuse is neglect. As a result, a lawyer who specializes in negligence claims may also be referred to as a lawyer for nursing homes or a lawyer for nursing homes.

Nursing Home Abuse Warning Signs

Neglect in nursing homes is a heart-breaking but all-too-common problem in the US.

Neglect occurs when a senior’s basic needs are not met. These needs include food, water, housing, clothing, hygiene, and primary medical care. It happens when nursing home patients don’t receive the necessary care and end up with physical or mental health issues as a result.

Isolated from friends and family, seems melancholy, confused, or withdrawn, and has scars, burns, or bruises that are not apparent to them. Recent modifications to spending or financial habits.

Has bed sores or other preventable conditions, appears unclean, is underfed, dehydrated, over- or undermedicated, or is not receiving the necessary care for medical issues.

What Are the Types of Nursing Home Abuse?

Abuse in nursing homes can be sexual, emotional, mental, or physical. According to the NCOA, nursing home abuse includes:

  • Verbal, Emotional, and Psychological Abuse Abandonment
  • Dehydration and undernutrition
  • Bruises or unexpected falls might be signs of physical abuse.
  • Sexual misconduct, including any sex without permission
  • Matted hair, unclean sheets, etc., are signs of neglect.
  • Financial abuse, such as falsified financial records or missing personal effects

What Does a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Do?

Attorneys specializing in nursing home abuse are part of the personal injury bar. They are experts in aiding elderly people who experience abuse while residing in a care facility.

These lawyers commit their time and resources to developing compelling cases on behalf of nursing home abuse and neglect victims. They may therefore be better equipped to assist victims of elder abuse than conventional personal injury lawyers.

A nursing home abuse lawyer tries to establish the following:

  • Despite having a legal obligation to look after the victim, the nursing home did not provide the required standard of care.
  • A resident was wounded by nursing home workers due to their carelessness or violent behavior.
  • The staff members’ conduct caused the resident long-term or permanent harm.
  • The resident or their family is entitled to financial compensation to cover the cost of any necessary medical care, therapy for mental anguish, or burial costs.

How to Report Neglect in a Nursing Home

Include as much information as you can when reporting abuse, such as the facility’s name and contact details, the abuser’s identity, the victim’s name, and a description of the wrongdoing that took place. Many believe that nursing homes and facilities for assisted living will give them the best medical care. These facilities can fall short of the required level of care. If you think a loved one or you has experienced nursing home abuse? If so, it is imperative to report it right away.

The Organizations Where Nursing Home Abuse Complaints Can Be Filed:

  • The Adult Protective Services of the Local Police State (APS)
  • The Eldercare Locator by The Nursing Home Ombudsman
  • The National Elder Abuse Center
  • Government Agency for Community Living (ACL)
  • Department of Health and Human Services of the United States (HHS)
  • Healthcare providers at the nursing home
  • Complaints about nursing homes

When Do I Need a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer?

A practical way to protect your loved one’s well-being while pursuing a potential compensation claim is to hire a nursing home abuse attorney. Observing the symptoms of nursing home abuse is the first step in determining when you might want the services of a nursing home abuse attorney.

If you think a member of your family is a victim of nursing home abuse, you may need the assistance of a lawyer.

If you believe that a loved one is suffering from the trauma of abuse, you may need the services of a nursing home abuse attorney. They aid you in deciding how to protect your family member while pursuing legal action against the nursing home.


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