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Product Liability Attorney

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer severe injuries or fatalities due to defective products, including toys for children, auto parts, ordinary household appliances, and recreational gear. Companies and retail establishments may be held accountable for injuries that result from the design, manufacture, advertisement, or sale of defective items that put consumers at undue risk of harm.

11.7 million patients received emergency room care in 2021 for injuries brought on by consumer items. Most accidents involve commonplace items that are frequently thought to be safe. Our most vulnerable populations, older people and young children, are the ones who sustain many of these injuries. Even everyday items like beds and cleaning supplies for the home might be dangerous.

Injuries caused by consumer products were 11,738,091 in 2021. a 12.8% decrease from 2019.

Top 3 injuries caused by consumer products

  1. Floors, Stairs, Ramps, and Landings: Injury rate per 100,000 people: 2.7 million total injuries.
  2. Mattresses, pillows, and beds: 824K injuries totaled; 100,000 people injured per 100,000 population
  3. Sofas, chairs, and sofa beds: 558,800 injuries totaled, or 0.18 injuries per 100,000 people.

These situations call for a product liability lawyer.

Product Liability and Defective Products


The phrase “product liability” refers to a company’s or an individual’s obligation to pay for any damage their product may have caused. This includes the manufacturer, retailer, product maker (at the top of the supply chain), distributor, and retailer (at the bottom of the chain).

Manufacturers of products with unavoidable problems would be sued in product liability cases if these flaws caused harm to users (or anyone else to whom the product was lent, gifted, etc.). 

Although most people believe objects to be tangible personal property, the term has been broadened by product liability to include intangibles (like gas), naturals (like dogs), real estate (like houses), and writings (i.e., navigational charts). The primary source of product liability is tort law.

Types of Product Defects

Defects come in a variety of forms:

  • A manufacturing or construction flaw that rendered the product dangerous for its intended use must be proven by the customer.
  • A design fault is a problem with a group of poorly thought-out items and hence unreasonably dangerous for users.

Failure to warn: Frequently, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to inform the customer how to use a product safely or to forewarn him against potentially dangerous uses. These cautions are typically found in the labeling or the instruction manual. Additionally, the maker must always alert customers if a flaw is found after the product has been sold.

Product Liability Law

Manufacturers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, and other parties who make products available to the general public may be held liable for the harm the products cause under U.S. product liability law. The manufacturer or any other party in the supply chain may be held responsible if a consumer, user, or bystander suffers harm due to an unsafe or faulty product. Individual or collective consumer claims for product responsibility can get expensive and drawn out.

Product Liability Lawyer

A product liability attorney can offer you knowledgeable legal advice so you can confidently decide how to proceed with your claim. They can also vigorously advocate for you during your legal proceedings. If feasible, a product liability lawyer can help you reach a fair settlement, avoiding the need for a trial.

Each year, unsafe or defective items cause hundreds of injuries to consumers. Product liability attorneys represent the individuals who these dangerous items have damaged and work to obtain any compensation they may be due.

Consumers have fair expectations about what a product should do, regardless of its size or type. If we utilize items as intended, we anticipate that they will be secure.

We may be able to pursue compensation or restitution from a product’s producer if we are hurt or harmed while using or being exposed to it.

You might be eligible to file a product liability claim regardless of whether your harm is material, psychological, financial, or all of these.

How to Choose the Best Product Liability Lawyer?

It is crucial to take into account the following aspects while deciding which faulty products attorney to hire:

  • Experience: The comprehension and expertise that come from years of courtroom experience must be retained.
  • Client relations: Your defective product lawyer must be open and honest with you in all of their dealings and must keep you fully informed of the progress of your case.
  • Results: Trial verdicts and settlements won have produced historically significant and widely acclaimed results.

Compensation From Product Liability Claims

The typical types of damages for harm brought on by defective goods are compensatory, special, or punitive. If a product liability claim is successful, the plaintiff may be entitled to compensation for the following:

  • future and current medical expenses
  • lost income
  • distress and suffering
  • emotional distress

Damages that are designed to make the plaintiff “whole” again following the accident or injury are known as compensatory damages. They can be divided into two groups: special and general.

  • Special Damages: These compensate the plaintiff for any calculable out-of-pocket costs or financial losses, such as medical and hospital bills, lost wages, the cost of alternate transportation, and the price to repair or replace damaged property. Special Damages also include the cost of any substitute transportation.
  • General Damages: These damages aim to compensate the plaintiff for losses that are difficult to quantify financially. These often consist of the following: physical suffering, emotional distress, medical costs, the worth of potential future lost wages, loss of companionship, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Medical expenses can also become out of hand when there are major mishaps or negligence, which may be related to your product liability claim.

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