Answers To 4 FAQ’s from a Seattle Personal Injury Accident Attorney

At The Jones Firm, we often are asked how individuals can know if they qualify for a personal injury claim. In Seattle, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and other forms or personal injury accidents happen frequently, and there are some questions that appear to be on everyone’s mind after they’ve been in an accident. At The Jones […]

10 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Bellevue

If you are a Seattle or Bellevue resident that has just been in an personal injury accident, there are a few things that you need to know. We find that many people misunderstand or are confused by personal injury laws and have quite a number of misconceptions that get in the way of their ability […]

3 Steps to Avoiding a Seattle Car Accident

When it comes to car accidents in Seattle, our city is certainly not the worst in the United States, but we aren’t the safest either. Our foggy roads, occasional black ice, and frequent rain showers present hazards that we can’t control. But what about those aspects that you, as a driver, CAN control? Here is […]

Your eBook Guide to Trucking Accidents Is Now Available!

We have released a brand new eBook on trucking accidents! In this free downloadable eBook, we offer our insight into the complex legal field of trucking accident litigation. The guide helps those injured in these devastating crashes understand their options, what to expect following the crash, and what they need in a trucking accident attorney. […]

Pedestrian Laws and Avoiding Auto Pedestrian Accidents

When it comes to pedestrians and vehicles, who has the right of way? Is it always the responsibility of the vehicle to stop or yield? At The Jones Firm, our personal injury attorneys realize that when it comes to laws governing pedestrians and the interactions they have with the vehicles around them, things can get […]

The Dangers of a Crosswalk: Auto Pedestrian Accidents in the City

  Ask  anyone what the worst type of car accident is, and you’ll like get a variety of responses that include two-car accidents (or more) on a freeway, a trucking accident, or a high speed collision that resulted in several car pile-ups. While all these auto accidents are certainly deadly and tragic, we have found […]

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