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The Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

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Although there are many different potential causes of bicycle accidents, some tend to occur more frequently than others. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most common reasons for bicycle accidents and offer advice on how to avoid them.

Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle accidents, which are regrettably rather frequent, can have devastating repercussions for the individuals involved. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 846 bikers were killed in traffic accidents in the United States in 2019. 

Most bicycle accidents happen on urban roadways, and junctions are a particularly dangerous region. Cyclists must be aware of these dangers and take efforts to keep safe on the road.

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Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

It is critical for cyclists and drivers to understand the common causes of bicycle accidents to avoid collisions.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major contributor to bicycle accidents. Drivers who are not paying attention to the road may miss cyclists or fail to respond in time to avoid a collision.

Failing to Leave an Adequate Buffer

Accidents can occur when drivers fail to give enough space between their vehicle and a bike. Cyclists require space to navigate and avoid obstructions.

Road Rage

Aggressive driving can turn into road rage, putting bikers in danger. Drivers who are furious or frustrated may act dangerously, endangering everyone on the road.


The most common cause of all forms of accidents, including bicycle accidents, is speeding. Drivers who go faster than the speed limit have less time to react to changing road conditions and are more likely to lose control of their car.

Weaving Through Traffic

Cyclists may not be visible to drivers who weave through traffic, and they may not be given enough room to move. A collision may result from this, especially in congested traffic.

Crashed/Collision With A Fixed Object 

Serious injuries could result from bicycles that contact a fixed item like a curb or sign. When cyclists are moving too quickly or are not paying attention to their surroundings, accidents like this one can happen.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Cyclist accidents can occur when drivers change lanes without examining their blind zones. When there is a lot of traffic, it might be challenging to see bicycles, and careless drivers could easily collide with them.

Dogs Running Out

Running dogs on the road can result in collisions, especially if a cyclist must swerve to escape them. To avoid mishaps, dog owners must maintain control over their animals.

Turning Without Looking

When turning without looking, drivers run the risk of colliding with cyclists moving in the opposite direction. Before making a turn, drivers should look in their blind spots to prevent collisions.

Pedestrian Collisions

Pedestrians and bicyclists may clash in crosswalks or on the road. It’s critical for bikers to pay attention to their surroundings and leave enough room for pedestrians.

Running a Red Light or Stop Sign

Cyclists passing through the intersection on foot are at risk of accidents from drivers that disregard stop signs or red lights.

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What Is the Most Common Type of Bicycle Crash? 

There are many ways that bicycle accidents can occur, but some collisions are more frequent than others. Here are some of the most typical bicycle crash scenarios:

Hit by a car

A bicycle accident is most often caused by being hit by a car. Serious accidents can happen when motorists fail to see bikers or give them enough room.

Riding against traffic

Riding against the flow of traffic can be risky for cyclists since it makes it more difficult for vehicles to spot them and move quickly enough to avoid a collision.


Several things can go wrong, such as striking a pothole or losing control of the bike, that cause a person to fall.

Right/Left Cross Collision

Collisions at the right-left intersection happen when a car turns in front of a cyclist who has the right-of-way.

Roadway Is Not In Good Repair

Potholes and uneven surfaces on the road might lead bikers to lose control of their bikes and have accidents.

Rider Error

Accidents may occur when cyclists make mistakes, such as riding too quickly or disobeying traffic signals.

Rear End Collisions

Serious injuries can result when a car strikes a bike from behind.

Vehicle Overtaking Bicyclist

Accidents can occur when motorists attempt to pass cyclists too closely.

Uncontrolled intersection accidents 

Accidents at uncontrolled junctions can happen when there are no traffic signals or signs to govern the flow of vehicles.

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