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5 Qualifications Of A Bellevue Personal Injury Lawyer

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It’s not every day that you’re injured in an accident — and thank goodness for that. For those unfortunate few who are suffering from a personal injury, however, it’s important that they have the help that they need to recover fully. Personal injury lawyers can be instrumental in your recovery process by working with insurance companies and doctor’s offices to establish your personal injury claims credibility and defer medical bills until after the claim is settled.

However, you shouldn’t just work with any personal injury attorney. Rather, you want to look for these top 5 qualifications in any attorney that you choose in order to make sure that your case, your claim, and your recovery are in the capable hands of a professional.

Consider these top 5 qualifications of a Bellevue-area personal injury attorney before you make your final choice regarding who you’d like to handle your case. Your ideal personal injury attorney…


1. Is an Expert in Personal Injury Legal Cases

Personal injury lawyers should be experts in their chosen area of law. Some less professional lawyers try and dabble in multiple areas of law, trying to find the biggest, most profitable cases. Professional, trustworthy personal injury lawyers in Bellevue stay away from this kind of behavior. Instead, they pursue excellence in their field of law in order to provide you with the best legal counsel and assistance they possibly can.


2. Can Demonstrate Past Success with Previous Personal Injury Cases

The best Bellevue personal injury lawyers are educated and experienced, with past success stories to back them up. Excellent reviews and case studies of their previously handled cases are important for you to research. For instance, Dax Jones has multiple awards from his successful cases as well as years of experience. The glowing testimonials from his past clients prove his expertise in the area of personal injury law.


3. Has Valuable Relationships with Excellent Local Doctors and Medical Clinics

Professional personal injury lawyers in Bellevue cultivate relationships with doctors and medical clinics that are willing to work with personal injury clientele. After a personal injury accident, it can take time for the claim to be settled, so a doctor or clinic needs to postpone sending a client’s medical bills to collections. An excellent personal injury attorney will have built relationships with doctors who are accustomed to being flexible with a client’s needs, and able to postpone the collections process until after the claim is finalized and the doctor’s office is legally able to bill an insurance company to cover your medical expenses.


4. Works on a contingency fee basis and fronts filing expenses

Another way you can determine whether you’re partnering with an excellent personal injury lawyer in Bellevue is whether or not he or she works on a contingency fee basis. With a contingent payment plan, the client is not charged attorneys fees until after the claim is successfully settled. Then, the attorney is paid a percentage of the settlement amount as his or her compensation for the time and effort invested into the case.

Also, an exceptional personal injury attorney understands that you probably didn’t budget for being injured in an accident this month. Therefore, he or she will front the fees for filing your personal injury claim and any additional fees that crop up as the claim progresses through the legal processes. These fees will be charged only after the claims settlement has been finalized, so you won’t need to drip into your savings or get behind on your bills to compensate for filing expenses. The finest attorneys are always looking out for their clients.


5. Is Entirely Client-Focused

No one likes an ambulance chaser. These are personal injury attorneys that discover that you’ve been injured and go after your case as if they were literally chasing your ambulance to the hospital. Being referred to a personal injury attorney is an excellent way to find exemplary legal assistance. Researching online is another method to find the lawyer you need. So be very skeptical of attorneys that find you first because they probably only have their own interests in mind.

Rather, trust the Bellevue personal injury lawyers that make themselves available to you for a free consultation and that provide helpful resources that fully and simply explain the claims process. These lawyers, like Dax Jones, our lead attorney at The Jones Firm, are stellar individuals who are more than capable of handling your personal injury case in a way that protects your interests and provides you with the medical care that you need to be covered by insurance.

For more information about personal injury claims, or to schedule a free consultation with Dax Jones, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We would be more than willing to find a time where you can have your questions answered, and Dax Jones can learn about the details of your case. Just give us a call, and we’d be glad to help.


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