A simple rear-end car crash can become complex if the victim has a prior injury that arguably overlaps with the injuries caused by the car crash. This is an issue that Dax has solved countless times with great results over his 20+ years of experience specializing in car crashes.


Overview of Car Accident

Our client’s car was struck in the rear end and he injured his neck and back, but his worst injury was to his right shoulder. Before the car crash, he was already on a LnI claim with surgery pending on his left shoulder.  He also had a prior significant low back injury.


Car Accident: Challenged Faced

After months of chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy failed to restore him to his prior health, his right shoulder was MRI’d and showed a labral tear that required surgery. Where he was already on time loss from LnI, he barely made ends meet and had no money for surgery. Our client did not know where to turn, as his prior attorney was not communicating with him, he could not work, and he had no money. Worse yet, there was confusion about what accident (LnI or car crash) injured his right shoulder.


Medical Bills Paid & High Car Accident Compensation

At the initial consultation, we gave our client a roadmap for how we were going to address each challenge and help him get the surgery he needed. Step by step, and through diligent effort and communication, Dax gathered the proof needed to assure his client and the surgeon that all bills could be paid, thereby opening the door for surgery. He was able to have surgery on his right shoulder and regain his prior level of health. And we did not interfere one bit with his work injury claim, which continued.


Insurance Company Pays $200,000+

We were able to find several layers of insurance coverage for our client when at first it seemed there was only $75,000 available. 20+ years of experience allows us to find insurance policies that others may not know exist, which changes the trajectory of our client’s care, and overall level of compensation.

This allowed us to get him in for surgery and follow-up care and medical expenses, settle for multiple maximum policy limits, and pay his medical bills, which we reduced so he could get more for his pocket.


Your Rights As A Victim Of A Car Crash

You have rights and the law allows compensation for car crash victims, including medical expenses (past and future), property damage, diminished value to your vehicle, lost income, loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, and other monetary losses.

You have the right to submit an insurance claim, retain legal counsel, gather proof, agree on a fair settlement, or, if necessary, take legal action against the at-fault party and/or respective insurance company.

Dax will aggressively pursue your rights and seek high-level compensation based on the merits of your claim. He has always rooted for the underdog and his 20+ years as an injury lawyer is no different.


Free Consultation With Experienced Car Accident Lawyer For Personal Injury Claims

The Jones Firm is a highly respected and well-known Bellevue-based injury law firm that specializes in car accident claims of all types (car v car, car v pedestrian, car v motorcycle, etc). With our knowledge and unwavering commitment to each client, we fight to protect your rights and ensure that you collect a high level of compensation based on the merits of your claim for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

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