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$1.2+M Wrongful Death Settlement

Overview of Case

Our client was driving home one evening from work when he came to a stop at a light in Renton. At the same time, an oncoming was approaching and preparing to make a left. As my client’s light turned green, he proceeded straight, and at the same time, the oncoming car turned left and struck our client’s car in its left front corner.


Injuries Sustained

Our client went to his doctor with dizziness and tiredness. He also had a bruise on his forearm and a cut on his lip. However, his headaches persisted and he then began to vomit 10 days later, at which point he returned to his doctor and was found to be minimally responsive and groggy. After follow-up care at the ER, he was assessed with subdural hematomas (brain bleeds).

The doctors performed burr holes (drilled holes in his scalp to let the blood drain) but that was not enough and eventually, he had a craniotomy and a repeat craniotomy.  Following this second craniotomy, he never regained consciousness and his family withdrew life support.


Total Settlement of $1.2+M

Although the at-fault car had no insurance and our client had only $100,000 uninsured motorist coverage, we reached a total wrongful death settlement of $1.2+M after pursuing the government for a negligent roadway design.


Determining Liability

Each case against the government turns on specific facts because of the requirement to show that the government knew or should have known that the collision would occur.  Meeting this burden of proof and seeking compensation requires diligent and persistent effort to gather as much information as possible about similar collisions in that same location, etc.  Once that hurdle is overcome, various experts need to be brought on board to help establish the liability aspect of the case, such as accident reconstructionists, road design experts, and more. After liability experts are retained, and evidence about the claimant’s damages is secured, the Notice of Claim can be sent to the government.


Family Members Can Be Compensated

Human life matters.  And time on Earth is already short, let alone when it is made shorter thru the negligent actions of someone else.  Family members of accident victims who died in a collision should be compensated for the loss of their loved one, which acknowledges the value of the decedent to his / her family and can bring some form of closure to all.


Examples Of Government Negligence

  • Multiple prior accidents that occurred similarly in the same location
  • Fallen trees that fell in an area tree are known to fall
  • Standing water in areas of the roadway where this is known to occur
  • Lack of traffic signals and or proper signage
  • Lack of protective barriers, streetlights, or guardrails


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