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Types Of Car Accident Compensation

Car accident compensation


Car accidents are, unfortunately, fairly common events. Over 75 percent of Americans commute daily to work or school and with this high number of drivers comes, an increased risk of being involved in an accident. There are many reasons why an auto accident may have happened and in most cases, it’s easy to recognize the party at fault for the collision.

As the victim of a car accident, it is important to you and your future well-being that you take legal action and pursue compensation for your damages. Doing so will prevent the guilty party from walking away without just punishment and will also set you on the road to physical and financial recovery.


When Should you Pursue Compensation

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There are a number of reasons and circumstances under which you should pursue reimbursement for your damages. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the outcomes of auto accidents and how you can pursue compensation for your car accident injuries.

The damages received in an auto accident case can usually be divided into two broad categories — economic and noneconomic.

Let’s explore what each of these means.


Economic Damages

Economic damages include property damages and damages that relate to your physical condition and medical expenses. Economic damages pertain to monetary loss as well as physical damages sustained because of an auto accident.

Here are some examples of economic damages that you can pursue monetary compensation for:


Lost wages

Being the victim in an auto accident often leaves you disabled and renders you unable to work for a period of time. Most people cannot afford to take an extended leave from work, but being injured in an auto accident makes a work-leave necessary. You might be forced to take weeks or even months off from work in order to fully recover — meaning that your income will be completely cut-off during this time.

As the victim, in this case, you should not be made to suffer financially for a car crash that you had no control over and did not cause. Therefore, it is in your best interest to pursue reimbursement from the guilty party for your lost wages. This will allow you to take the necessary time off from work in order to fully recover without having to be overly concerned about lost earnings.


Future Medical Expenses

Victims of personal injury from an auto accident often need extensive and ongoing physical treatment to enable them to fully recover from the effects of the accident. Future medical expenses include physical therapy, cognitive therapy (for victims of traumatic brain injuries), or therapy for permanent disabilities caused by a car accident.

You should not be held responsible for covering medical expenses, either current or future ones that you are suffering from as the result of an auto accident that you did not cause. If you suspect that you will need medical aid or therapy extending into the future as a result of a car accident, you should pursue compensation from the offending driver to cover such expenses.


Property Damages

It is likely that you will have suffered some property damages as a result of the collision that you were in. Repairing or replacing your car is a very expensive burden — one that shouldn’t be placed on you as the victim. This should be the responsibility of the other driver.

Your car accident compensation lawyer will help you form a strong case against the responsible driver in order to receive full compensation for your damaged property.


Noneconomic Damages

Noneconomic damages do not pertain to a financial loss or visible physical injury. Noneconomic damages are often unseen, including things like mental or physical pain or suffering as a result of the accident, loss of enjoyment of life, or loss of affection.


Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are difficult to measure, however, in most cases, a victim of injury through a car accident can pursue compensation from the guilty party for causing pain and suffering. Pain and suffering — including mental as well as physical distress, are seen as grounds for a lawsuit against the party responsible for causing them.


Loss of Affection

Sadly, when a person is injured as a result of an auto accident, their life can be affected in unchangeable ways. A physical injury may affect a person in a negative emotional way — causing them to have strained relationships with their spouse, children, or other family members. This is called loss of affection.

In such cases where the loss of affection is proven to be the result of a personal injury sustained through an accident, the family of the victim may seek compensation from the defendant.


Punitive damages

Punitive damages are designed to punish the offending driver for willful or reckless operation of a vehicle—rather than compensation for the plaintiff’s injuries or property damages. However, in Washington State, you are not allowed to pursue corrective damages against a defendant.


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