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Working With A Personal Injury Attorney

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What You Need to Know Before Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you might be hesitant about contacting a local attorney about securing representation and presenting your case in court. If you have reservations, it’s likely due to the fact that personal injury is one field of law that is profoundly affected by myths and stereotypes.

The Jones Firm, located in Bellevue, Washington, understands your concerns. Our team of courteous and knowledgeable attorneys is ready to answer your questions and review your case. Read on to find out the real truth of retaining a professional, ethical personal injury attorney to help you with your case in court, and when you’re ready to petition the court for damages related to your injury.

Don’t let social stigma stop you from seeking the return that is rightfully yours for lost wages and medical expenses that are the direct result of a personal injury. You deserve to have your case heard and to be compensated for the hardships that were the direct result of your injury.


Myth 1

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Personal injury attorneys are ambulance chasers and unethical.

Our firm employs attorneys that are highly trained, caring, and compassionate. We choose to represent personal injury cases due to our strong desire to aid those who are facing hardships that are the result of circumstances beyond their control.

The Jones Firm was established from a drive and desire to assist individuals in achieving the financial restitution for damages that is rightfully theirs.

Personal Injury cases aren’t motivated by gaining money for the sake of financial gain. Personal injury claims are designed to provide relief from the financial considerations that are often the result from being unable to work or having to seek medical treatment that may not be covered by your current insurance provider.


Myth 2

A personal injury lawsuit will take too long and cost too much money. I’d be better off settling privately or depending on my insurance.

According to the National Center for State Courts, personal injury lawsuits have declined 25 percent since 1999. This means that there isn’t the massive backlog of these types of lawsuits that most people expect. Your case will likely move at the same pace as any other lawsuit.

As to settling privately or relying on your insurance to cover the financial expense of your injury, neither of these is a preferred action.

If you settle privately, the chances are high that you’re dealing directly with another law firm, who has a vested interest in protecting their client. You’ll need the aid of a licensed, professional attorney who is willing to protect your interests as well. Most private settlements are formatted to only cover the initial injury, but depending on the severity of your condition, you could face difficulties for many years to come. The catch here is that you can only receive compensation for a personal injury once, so if you settle, you can never retry your case.

Insurance companies may have limits on the amount of financial restitution they can provide. A further consideration is that if you win your case in court, often your court fees can be paid by the opposing party. For these reasons, it’s in your favor to obtain representation for your case.


Myth 3

If I try my case, the individual I am seeking compensation from will suffer monetary loss.

In all reality, it will be that individual’s insurance that will pay your settlement. Also, it’s an unfortunate occurrence that some personal injury cases do not result in compensation to the complainant. Just like any lawsuit, the outcome depends on the judge and the circumstances of the case.

The Jones Firm works diligently to secure at least some financial relief for our clients, even if it only offsets medical expenses and loss of wage concerns.


Myth 4

I have time to think about what I want to pursue.

Each state has regulations on time limits in which a person can file their personal injury claim, and each company has rules and regulations regarding personal injury claims written into their employee contracts.

In the State of Washington, personal injury claims are limited to three years from the date of injury unless the affected individual is a minor. While this might seem like ample time, it’s important to realize that the longer you wait after your accident, the chances that important documentation needed to support your case in court will be lost or damaged.

Additionally, these guidelines are granted by the State. Your employer potentially has alternative clauses in their contracts that further limit the ability to file personal injury claims even before the three-year time limit is reached.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you need legal representation that can help you understand these aspects, present your case in court and assist you in covering potential long-term outcomes from your injury. The Jones Firm is just the team you need, contact us today free for a consultation.

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